Hang 5 Podcast Episode 43: Yu Shoji

Francois over at Hang 5 Podcast just dropped episode 43 with Japanese powerhouse, Yu Shoji!

“For this episode, I sat down with a 22 years old Japanese shredder taking the contest scene by storm. He is the 2023 pro flatland champion and currently sitting in 3rd place in this year’s ranking. He calls Moto Sasaki his mentor. Rides both front and backwheel. Does a whole bunch of crazy jumps. He is a ball of energy and yet shows a high level of maturity. This is a bit of a short episode taped while we were in Montreal for Urban Games in late March. I give you Mr Yu Shoji.”


Julien Baran: Hang 5 Podcast / Episode 40

Today it’s the turn of Julien Baran on the Hang 5 Podcast hot seat. Julian is a young flatland prodigy from Normandy, France taking on the contest scene by storm.
Tech links on both front and back wheel, supported by We The People and Les 3 Roux BMX shop. Studying communication.
Wise beyond his years, this is the story of Julien Baran.


Shane Neville: Hang 5 Podcast Episode 38

Francois Dubroux catches up with Shane Neville, the man behind Ronin, and Flatland Manifesto for Episode 38 of the H5 Podcast, looking forward to listening to this one.

“From the plains of Saskatchewan, SK to the bustling coastal city of Vancouver, BC, and all the way around the world, our guest has made his mark on the sport of Flatland BMX.
Creating the Flatland Manifesto video magazine series still talked about 20 years later as well as Ronin, a flatland specific parts brand sought after by collectors, he is still as passionate and in tune with the who’s who of BMX to this day. We discuss his humble beginnings, his job, where he is at now, his take on BMX and Flatland, what’s next and so much more! “


Hang 5 Podcast: Chris Young Episode 37

It’s time for episode 37 of the Hang 5 Podcast, listen to Chris Young’s story.

“Our guest today is a lifelong flatland rider. We discuss his BMX roots, meeting the legendary Plywood Hoods, becoming part of the crew, riding hard, turning pro, being in the early X games, having to make difficult choices to take care of his family, reconnecting with the scene after many years and competing again, battling injuries, launching Flatland Assassins as a way to give back to the community, the evolution of the scene between then and now, organizing FA Battlegrounds and so much more. Go listen to the passion and get stoked!”