Must Watch: Matsudo Year End Jam 2023

It’s an annual tradition, right at the end of the year the Matsudo locals throw down a jam at their infamous riding spot. Infamous through the Moto Sasaki videos (who sadly isn’t on this one).

As always there is a great variety of riding styles on offer here, some of the highlights of the edit for me are: Takahiro Ikeda two footed spinning death truck body varial out at 1:12, Wild x-up spinning lawnmower body varial to two footed x-foot backyard line at 4:58 by Ren Oshima, Varo Hernandez front to back wheel line at 7:19, Yu Shoji’s Xft opposite hang 5 to xft halfpacker line is amazing around the 7:56 mark, and Ren gets the banger at 8:27.

The flatland community waits for this edit every year, and I guess we should include this in the year end awards talk as it falls in 2023.
Thank you Jimalog, and all the riders involved in this annual jam!
Don’t sleep on this one!

6 thoughts on “Must Watch: Matsudo Year End Jam 2023

  1. Where is Moto? Always look forward to Masashi Itani’s riding. Also Gonzalo’s line at 6 minutes is no joke. If you I had tompock between Flat Ark, Chimera A Side or Matsudo jam Id choose Matsudo Jam

  2. This is amazing! Always one of the best videos of the year. There should be 50 comments not 5… A lot of the riders featured were so quick to post their own clips on their personal Instagrams. That’s a bit sad, but it is what it is.

  3. Ren’s ice cream flip to Saturn spin . Shoji’s cross hang five ,-bar small, bringing the frame around ,stepping to X-leg half packer ,turbine to pivot to cross fire haul . Gonzalo’s bar small hang ten , bar yank -whiplash , stepping landing cross. Julian’s steezy flap jack steam line , fakie to whopper .Shoji’s crack packer ” hail Mary ” jump to Saturn spin. Ren’s X-leg backyard roll body varial . His rocket body varial to X-leg backyard , carving one legged after the transition. Akihiko’s backwards Flap-jack pivot-twitch to half packer. Varo’s front to back signature flavor , steams to rockets , boomerangs ,etc….love it. Ikedea’s pedal stance ,backwards time machine , pivot to forward facing . So many rad lines . Mad props to every rider in this edit . It SLLLLLLAAAAAAAAMMMMMS every year. ( meaning the riding bar is raised every year. ) I’ve been watching this on repeat…….Salud , Big-E , all riders and Flatland jams going down globally…

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