Andrew Burleson: Standard Country 2000

Amazing style and flow from 24 years ago, Andrew Burleson’s section from the Standard Country is still a fun watch for many of you that will have missed this the first time round.

8 thoughts on “Andrew Burleson: Standard Country 2000

  1. MUST WATCH ……..WHY ? Two obvious reasons . This was actually filmed in ,I think mid 1999 and…………Burleson is doing two things in here that are still relevant and being done today. Anyone catch them ?! Left cross Cobain roll ,frame leap ,catch BACK to left cross Cobain roll………AND dump straight to fudge packer ,pass to cross inside cream ! Andrew was a BMX Flatland KILLA . If he would of been riding in today’s contest where originality / difficulty where more the emphasis over dabs . He’d fit right in , I swear. He used to get robbed in contests( I’ve seen it being there. ) Plus this cat was so damn humble . I got to know him through Bobby Fischer ,his teammate , main BMX amigo , and best friend @ that time. I met them both cause our truck over heated coming back from Oklahoma ,the Hoffman Bikes contest, Labor Day weekend in 1994. We stopped in downtown Dallas to ride street spots and ran into Bobby and Andrew. I kept in contact with them for years and even spend most of one night riding bikes around South Padre Texas while they and my amigos were @ the 1996 E.S.P.N. X-Trials contest , Spring Break . The four of us seshed flatland and rode street one night until the A.M. ( Burleson ruled @ that contest ! ) I really miss Bobby . ( we used to talk about ALOT of Death Metal bands , haha. ) and I used to talk with Andrew about how he approached his own riding . This section RULES , Effraim . Burleson’s riding , even his street riding ! Manual 180s ! The song fits his riding too………..MUST WATCH. Not to mention Andrew reminds me of another RIPPING Flatland/ Street rider……Akira Okamura ! Nuff said.

    • I generally don’t give out Must Watch tag to already existing videos. There are exceptions I’m sure along the way, but generally the MW tag is reserved for new videos Rodney.

      • I know , Effraim , haha….it’s mostly for new videos , haha….I was more expressing that it’s a MUST WATCH in my opinion based on the two things I caught right away that he’s doing. ( left cross Cobain roll , frame leap ,catch BACK to left cross Cobain roll……and the dump to fudge packer , pivot to inside cross ice cream ! ) I’m just really hyped on Burleson’s section AND that you posted it. This section brought back some rad memories , too !

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