4 thoughts on “Trevor Meyer: Home Session

  1. Good eye , Effraim …..catching this new one of Trevor ! I peep game on that channel ,also. This new edit RULES. So damn SLLLLAAAAAAMMMMED ( meaning so wild. ) how Trevor just literally ” plays ” with Flatland. Cat has done , learned , and created so much stuff throughout every era of BMX Flatland . Now he’s just freestyling styles ,ha. Mixing all types of tricks backwards spinning half packers , turbine back packer, pivot -X-leg hitchhikers , step switch bike flips , Aparijo bar rides , nose manuals ,forward/ backwards , jack hammers …just mixing it up , having fun and staying on top of his level .( seems without even really trying. ) I was stoked to watch this…..Meyer rules. Got V.H.S. footage the day I met him and seshed bikes with him @ our riding spot here in San Anto , February 14 2004 . He did a WILD line starting it with his signature 360 KICK-FLIP half hiker…..BLEGH !

  2. Awesome! Killing it for so long, with so much ease..
    Remembering all his variations on pedaling tricks with the fixed gear, was so great!..

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