Jam Circle Pre-jam by Jim McKay

Weeks on from the Jam Circle weekend, and still amazing footage and edits coming through. Case in point here with Jim Mckay’s Pre jam edit featuring the likes of Jean Francois Boulianne, Pete Brandt, Terry Adams, Omari Cato, Art Thomason, Scott Powell, Sietse van Berkel, Benjamin Hudson, Jean William Prevost and so many more.

Jean William Prevost wins The Jam Circle in Houston Texas

The jam circle contest popped off this weekend in Houston, Texas! Congratulations to FM rider of the year, Jean William Prevost taking the win in the Pro class followed by Terry Adams and Benjamin Hudson. So good to see Benjamin back in the mix.

Congratulations to Troy Hebert, winner of the expert class followed by Joey Kyllo and Anthony Schneidewind. This event looked absolutely amazing, props to Hector Garcia, Jerry Milborn, and Steven Lapsley for putting this event together. Hopefully this event stays on the flatland calendar!

Chile Contrabandojam 2019

The Contrabandojam was held on February 24 in the mythical spot “circulo” in the capital of Santiago of Chile by Maximiliano Aburto with presence of riders such as Benjamin Hudson, Leo Saldaño, Pedro Eterovic,Paul from Canada and many more from all around of Santiago and Paine City. Chile looks rad….

Repo: Urban Waves Day 1

Today I made the trip from Southsea to Kortrijk in Belgium via the Eurostar out of St.Pancras, London. I arranged with contest organiser, Barre Neirynck to be picked up in Lille, France which was just hour and half from London. Dez Maarsen kindly picked me up and drove me direct to the event.

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Fise Jeddah 2018 – Flatland Final Highlights

Springtime is finally here, let’s start off a big week on FM with this Fise Highlights edit that Ride BMX put together from the flatland finals at the weekend at Fise Jeddah in Saudi Arabia. Hit play and check this one out!

Owen Bohn wins Campeonato Ovalo Flat Contest / Final Battle footage + Results

Marcelo Gonzalez who organises the South American Championship “Ovalo Flat Contest”, got in contact with me to showcase his event to the world wide flatland community.

“On January 13, the fifth edition of the championship was held in Curicó-Chile. Competitors from all over South America, Uruguay, Paraguay, Venezuela, Peru, Argentina, Brazil and Chile competed. It was a success, more than 30 competitors showed all their skills.”

Watch the final battle between Owen Bohn and Benjamin Hudson below!


Manuel Rodriguez- Chile (Paine)
Agustin Malnero -Uruguay (Montevideo)
Luis Ruiz- Chile (Paine)
Lity Bressia- Argentina (Mendoza)

Camilo Milo -Brasil (Sao Paulo)
Brayan Mileno -Venezuela
Agustin Fernandez -Argentina (Cordoba)

Raul Figueroa Chile
Jaime Nuñez-Chile (Santiago)
Mauro Aponte- Paraguay (Luque)

Owen Bohn- Argentina (Mendoza)
Benjamin Hudson- Chile (Santiago)
William Perez- Perú (Lima)

The 2017 Flatmattersonline Year End Award Nominees are…..

Happy New Year everyone! It’s time to announce the nominees for the editorial and reader choice 2017 Flatmattersonline Year end awards, thank you to everyone who took the time to vote. As always it is interesting to see what you the reader of Flatmattersonline thinks compared to my editorial votes. And last not certainly not least congratulations to all the nominees.


Effraim Catlow

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