Repo: FA Battleground Contest + Official Edit

Text: François “Fan” Debroux.
Photos: Glenn Mehltretter & Robert & Ruben Castillo, Kevin Cunningham.

Massive thanks to François for reaching out with this awesome repo following on from Barre’s Oya Street Jam repo. So good to have people all over the world contributing towards Flatmattersonline!

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Episode 23: Flatmattersonline Plywood Hoods Exclusive with Brett Downs & James White


Welcome back, it’s time for q Flatmattersonline special exclusive this week brought to you by Plywood Hood Brett Downs and UK Honorary member, James White to celebrate the birthdays this week of Kevin Jones, and Mark Eaton!
After Steffen Peter’s 20th episode, I wanted to reach out to different sections of riders across the board, and also react a little but with what’s currently going on in the flatland world. Hence this Plywoods Hoods special, we can’t thank Kevin and Mark enough for their contribution to flatland, but we can celebrate it and show our respect to the Hoods!

I’ve had a few issues with copyright the last couple of weeks, and it reared it’s ugly head again with James’ chosen track from the Dorkin’ videos. If you experience problems with the track being muted, I have uploaded the link to Vimeo.

Thanks Brett and James for contributing, who’s got episode 24?

Link below if you are having trouble with the Youtube version:


Old School Sundays with the Plywood Hoods

Deciding whats’ old school and mid school, goes on and on. This weeks Old School Sundays is dedicated to the game changers, the Plywood Hoods! Peep this show in Lancaster, from 1991. Featuring Kevin Jones, Mark Eaton, Chase Gouin, Chris Young & MC Brett Downs. Grab a cuppa and enjoy this one from the archives! Treats!

Throwback Thursdays with Chase Gouin

This Balancing Part video part featuring one of the all time flatland greats, Chase Gouin put together by the man behind the Dorkin’ in York video series, Mark Eaton. Stresses to me the importance of the track you use for your part, as good as the riding is by Chase of course, the Alice in Chains track fits so well. And still gives the same feeling I had when I first watched this in 1997.