Master and Elite Hungarian Championships & Sport Zone Open International 2022

Great edit from the Hungarian Championship and Sport Zone Open international in Budapest recently. Big respect to Rob Alton for continuing to grow the scene and holding down this annual contest, well worth sitting down with a cuppa and enjoying this one!

Chimera A-Side: Pro + Womens Highlights

The Chimera A-side finals will go down as one of the best contests I have been to, the level of riding during the finals in particular was absolutely off the charts. There were some heated battles during that journey to decide the winner, Yu Katagiri and that 360 bike flip line at the end showed no mercy. Laying it all on the line for the 100k prize money. Flatland needs more of this… cracking edit that needs to be watched, congratulations also again to Carin Hommura, winner of the Womens class!!

UCI World Championships Mens Elite Finals: Abu Dhabi 2022

If you missed the livestream of yesterdays amazing final at the UCI World Championships here in Abu Dhabi, with Matti Hemmings on the mic. The top 2 in particular, Masato Ito and Moto Sasaki and Aude Cassagne in the Women’s Elite had absolutely amazing runs. Awards ceremony at the end with both Mens and Women’s Elite class, Well worth a watch!!!

*Once again, thank you to Martin Northern getting the site back up and running after some technical issues.

Day 3: Chimera A-Side Flatland Finals Practise Bangers!

The Chimera A-Side Finals yesterday were off the chart, peep this raw footage edit from the practise sessions. With 100k up for grabs, you know things got a little heated!! A lot of these clips if not first try were within 3 tries, absolutely amazing level!!!

In order of appearance:
Yasu – King of Ground organiser.
Sietse, Dub, Misato, Casu and Terry.
Kio Hayakawa.
Terry Adams.
Masato Ito.
Yohei Uchino.
Jean William Prevost aka Dub.
Kio and Yohei Uchino back to back.
Sieste van Berkel.
Terry Adams
Kio Hayakawa
Yu and Ryo Katagiri back to back!


Day 2: Chimera A-Side Raw Practise Footage 2022

Let’s mix things up for Day 2, rather than a lot of text and photos. I thought I Would try my hand at a raw practise footage edit to give you all a good idea of what’s going on out here at Chimera A-Side (it turns out Hiroshi had the same idea), it does give you more coverage to fuel your session. You don’t want to miss this raw practise edit full of bangers from yesterdays practise session before qualifying!

Featuring in order:
Jean William Prevost
Yu Yamamoto
Yu Katagiri
Sieste van Berkel
Ryo Katagiri
Kevin Nikulski
Kio Hayakawa
Terry Adams
Viki Gomez
Hiroya Morizaki
Yohei Uchino

( a couple of riders have multiple clips, Dub, Kio Hayakawa, and Yu Katagiri! )

Enjoy the level!!! Get stoked, go ride!!

Raw Fise Montpellier 2022 Practise Footage

I’ve been sat on these clips on my phone for a few months now, rather than dump them for no one to see. I thought I would try my hand at a raw edit filmed in practise in between judging duties, from the Fise Montpellier event featuring Yu Shoji, Sietse van Berkel, Matthias Dandois, Kio Hayakawa, Toon Pakphum, Masato Ito, and Moto Sasaki.