Chimera A-Side Final: Yu Katagiri vs Yu Shoji

The Chimera A Side competition in Osaka Japan went off last weekend, the final in particular was absolutely ridiculous. With the 2023 UCI World Champion Yu Shoji going head to head with the winner of X Games & Flatark, Yu Katagiri. You don’t want to miss this, I recorded this off the Chimera A side instagram for all those that missed it. Enjoy!

6 thoughts on “Chimera A-Side Final: Yu Katagiri vs Yu Shoji

  1. Big-E……..THANK YOU. Taking the time to catch , record and upload such a sick battle . This hits as hard as Pete ” Commando ” Sandoval . ( legendary Death Metal drummer. ) Meaning these two got straight ILL with their lines. Really a Must Watch post , in my opinion. Respect to the men , women and ALL riders , classes , judges ….their entire scene. This RULES , bruv…again, I appreciate ya taking the time for this , E. ( I know you’re crazy busy 24-7. ) FLATMATTERSONLINE.COM.

  2. Yu Katagiri’s bike flip game is unreal. So smooth n dialed. Makes absolutely mental shit look easy and effortless. Amazing style n skills. So many of Japan’s riders are unbelievable. Mind melting stuff.

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