Must Watch: Owen Bohn & Benjamin Hudson in the Andes Mountains

Jean William Prevost aka Dub puts together an absolute classic, with two of the best in the game, Owen Bohn & Benjamin Hudson on their home turf’s. His description is perfect so not much need for myself to add anything other than this is worth watching on your tv screens at home. Flatland BMX lifestyle to the fullest!

“Owen Bohn & Benjamin Hudson hold a special bond. Both share a passion for flatland that is hard to find at that level in the mountainous area they inhabit, they live pretty close to eachother except for the towering Andes mountains that separate their cities Santiago and Mendoza. They’ve been taking this 8 hour bus ride that crosses the sight of the tallest mountain outside the Himalayas every time they feel for the motivation of riding with a real one. 15 years later they still motivate each other to keep pushing. This video will show them riding in a short mixed session together but also host a solo part for each on their own spots in Mendoza, Argentina and Santiago, Chile.”


13 thoughts on “Must Watch: Owen Bohn & Benjamin Hudson in the Andes Mountains

  1. These boys are incredible. Ben flolw like water and owen has creativity like enybody. Owen deserved to Have Sponsor and all support as a professional rider

  2. Shared this immediately on my F.B. page once I saw it dropped . I was waiting for this one ! These two delivered , TIMES 7. Plenty of rad lines with their signature ways they flow through tricks , linking them up. Hammer -time variations , transitions , all mixed in with unexpected pivots/ step overs. X-leg and pedal stance madness. Owen’s rusty bike. loved seeing that blended with his mental lines. Reminds of Chase in Dope Ammo 665 -1/2…….bike looking all shitty WITH hardcore , original , and progressive riding. Watched this 5 times already. Thank you , Dub , Benjamin , Owen and of course you , Big-E . Between this edit , the new Mesmur album ( Funeral Doom Metal band. ) , the video I found of Jason Brown , r.i.p. WINNING his first K.O.G. contest he entered on a prototype Redline frame that he wasn’t even used to , and all the video clips of Sergio Layos just flowing , blasting around various concrete parks……..I’m SEEEZZZED ( meaning motivated .) to go out and session my bike……..

    • Man I watched it 5 times too. Owen does so much crazy shit! How he steps on the nose of the seat to switch feet. The jump over from hang five to switch foot. The back wheel doesn’t even touch… Man, I can’t even carry my bike out of the house without the back wheel hitting something. What a legend!

      • For sure , Paul . Without question I voted for Bohn for rider of 2023. That turbine steam to immediate step crack packer , quick step to side packer , drop to back packer , pivot to X-leg hiker was rapid fire ……like Pete Sandoval ( legendary Death Metal drummer.) doing a hyper blast beat on a snare drum . Holding the bar pedal stance , via junk roll …… handed ?? SEEEEZZZZ UP. ( meaning beyond difficult ! ) Even the Gangsta Glide that he always steps X-leg……not this time , sir. He bar twitch-pivots to switch foot steam instead. He does the hardest stuff with ease. I’ve been peep gaming his riding since 2019ish , his Youtube channel…..him doing X-leg-one handed fire hauls…..

  3. So that’s edit of the year! Can we vote again?

    Love how it’s all put together. It’s a real privilege to see great footage of Owen that isn’t tripod. So good.

    Great work man!!!

    Of course Ben 15:07 had my favourite switch. Love how the spinning kk was just mud combo not and ender like when most people do it. How he comes out of that is so good. If I can have that feeling one time in 10 years riding then it’s all worth it. Beautiful switch Ben!

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