King of Concrete 2022

Stevie B of Clicked Video Magazine fame came through with a solid edit that captured most of the highlights of an action packed King of Concrete weekend. With yours truly even getting to have a ride, in between MIC duties, judging, tabulating scores, handling music and all the goes with running an event. Thanks Stevie for getting this edit done so quickly, what a weekend!

Matt Wilhelm’s Winning Ride: AFA North Carolina

Few riders on the planet are blessed with the talent and ability to able to perform a flawless three minute run. Add progressive tricks in the mix and that number gets even smaller, Matt Wilhelm had one of those magical runs at last weekend’s AFA contest in Winston Salem, North Carolina! Wow, love watching Matt do his thing!

Flatark Finals: Top 8

Wow this edit took me back to those Japanese KOG edits that would feature the top 8 all dropping bangers. You don’t want to miss this, incredible riding from Ryo Katagiri, Fumiya Kanna, Hiroya Morizaki, Yu Shoji, Moto Sasaki, Yu Katagiri, Takato Moriya, and winner Naoto Tamaru! The level is insane!!!

Lindsey La’akea Bode: UCI Bentonville Bike Fest 2022 / 3rd Place Pro Flatland

We are right in the middle of contest season, so coverage on the site is more contest lead right now. Stoked today to see Lindsey La’akea Bode’s third place run from UCI Bentonville Bike Fest contest. Enjoy this one, congratulations once again Lindsey. Good to see a fresh face in the mix!