3 thoughts on “Varo Hernandez: UCI World Cup / Enoshima 2024

  1. Beautiful contest run by Varo . X-leg back packer , can-can rear peg nose manual , Cobain spins , cyclone-rangs ( reminds me of Adam Pintek with that one , love that ! ) …..and his signature way he just randomly freestyles his lines. He rides so ” zen ” going through his lines that it’s like watching Brian Foster going through the old POSH trails ! I met and had a riding session with Varo @ the 2015 Flatland Voodoo Jam , the Pre-jam . He was a cool cat . He was stoked on the long combo I did when I first got there and said I reminded him of an old school cat that still rides in Spain . ( I forgot to ask who ! ) I told him I’m stoked on his riding big time and asked him to do his signature move that placed him high @ the F.I.S.E. right before that Flatland Voodoo Jam……..his cross elephant roll /spin ,bar flip- blind frame hop to cyclone stance lay……even with a tweaked wrist. ( he was wearing a brace . ) he tried it over and over until he pulled it for my phone camera . He said ” This is actually the trick that I hurt my wrist on , but I’ll try it anyway ! ” He pulled it and we chatted for another hour after our lil riding session. Varo is like Khaled Huerta ……the perfect balance of tech , flow with signature transitions and twists thrown into his lines. ( and his front to back and vice versa mixing is sick as well ! ) Thank you for this post , Big-E ……Varo is a shredder like Dan D.G.A.F. Norvell ( S@M bike company park , dirt and street rider ! ) and is always a treat to watch !

  2. Well done routine. His personal style was on full display. I would love to watch this full contest by all top riders. Thanks E for being on the look out to post any related footage. Rodney, nice commentary as always.

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