Jean William Prevost wins The Jam Circle in Houston Texas

The jam circle contest popped off this weekend in Houston, Texas! Congratulations to FM rider of the year, Jean William Prevost taking the win in the Pro class followed by Terry Adams and Benjamin Hudson. So good to see Benjamin back in the mix.

Congratulations to Troy Hebert, winner of the expert class followed by Joey Kyllo and Anthony Schneidewind. This event looked absolutely amazing, props to Hector Garcia, Jerry Milborn, and Steven Lapsley for putting this event together. Hopefully this event stays on the flatland calendar!

Episode 29: The Hang 5 Podcast with Hector Garcia & Jerry Milborn

For the latest episode, Francois Debroux sat down with Hector Garcia and Jerry Milborn, the organizers of the upcoming Jam Circle. A unique flatland event taking place in Houston next February. We discuss flatland of course but also what it takes to run such an event, the logistics, the partners, confirmed riders, what to expect in Houston and much more. Whether or not you plan on being in Texas for that weekend, you should listen to their contagious love for flatland.

Hit the link to tune in: