Jean William Prevost wins The Jam Circle in Houston Texas

The jam circle contest popped off this weekend in Houston, Texas! Congratulations to FM rider of the year, Jean William Prevost taking the win in the Pro class followed by Terry Adams and Benjamin Hudson. So good to see Benjamin back in the mix.

Congratulations to Troy Hebert, winner of the expert class followed by Joey Kyllo and Anthony Schneidewind. This event looked absolutely amazing, props to Hector Garcia, Jerry Milborn, and Steven Lapsley for putting this event together. Hopefully this event stays on the flatland calendar!

10 thoughts on “Jean William Prevost wins The Jam Circle in Houston Texas

  1. thanks to Hector & Jerry for throwing a GREAT fucking jam/contest!!! inspired & can’t wait to come back, but hopefully it’s in April/May next time, LoL!

  2. Awesome! Huge props to Joey and Dub! Rad news to get on a Sunday morning. Looking forward to seeing footage as it pops up. There must have been allot of sick riding going on down there.

  3. great riding from everyone!!! huge thanks to Hector, Jerry & Steven for putting on a top-notch event!!! my only suggestion is maybe April or May next time, haha!

    anyway, the results for the rest of us chopped liver:

    LoFi Intermediate Class:
    1: Ezra Patten
    2: Jay Marley
    3: Marty Ferryman

    Groms (Under 15):
    1: Preston Wilson
    2: Caleb Jones
    3: Hamza Mahamed

    • also a huge shout out to Omari for his efforts in establishing a flatland school for kids in Houston, he currently has about 15 students and about 10 of them round in Saturday’s contest, we need more of this in the USA and the World in general! Japan got it covered obviously lol

      • 15?!? In north America?! That’s amazing. Having the ability to keep riding through the winter must be a factor if these students have been able to stick with it for more than a summer of fun. Fingers crossed they all keep at it and even more try it out. So amped on that news! We had around a dozen flatland riders in our city around 06 maybe? Then it kinda fizzled out, no new people really wanted to commit. No permanent winter spot being held down by anyone that cared. Omari’s the man. The teach a man to fish approach, mad respect. Not just demonstrating the craft, but putting riders on the bikes to enjoy it for themselves and help flat grow. This event just sounds iller and iller. Texas is a beast!

        • will be interesting to see if any of these kids are still at it when they throw the next Houston Jam Circle in 5 Years (from what I’m seeing Hector & Jerry saying) and hopefully they do it in the Spring, 38º-45ºF was a bit harsh to be riding around in with stiff fingers LoL

    • Times 7 , Marley….. Hector and Jerry really got it SLLLLAAAAMMMED with this event. Great riding from every single rider /class . I’m so stoked on this . It reminded me of Red Bull B.C. One and the San Fran , Golden Gate park jam circles from the 80s …all mixed into one. Salud , Marley ! 2nd place with those 15 M.P.H. rolling skills ! Also , propers to Ezra and Ferryman . I know both dem cats and love their riding . Both of em got their own unique styles and their own flair to their riding . The Groms throw down as well ! Dub just got 2023 in a suplex and shows zero signs of letting 2023 and flatland in general……” tap out ” , haha….love it…..CIRCLE JAM 2023 ! Can’t wait till the videos start pouring in. Damn , bummed to have missed this….BUT stoked @ how damn excellent it turned out . Hector / Jerry , Sean , Flat Society , every ,any other sponsors , and anyone involved…..THANK YOU !

      • mavaaaaaaan many of us (myself included) were hoping seeing you there, you’re a TX resident gotdammit! ask Mark Dandridge about all the props I gave you when I met him next time you see him! hope you’re good bro 😀

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