Benjamin Hudson wins 2023 Battleground

The first annual Battleground contest went down in Ohio this weekend, and went off. We will be posting run footage later today. Congratulations to all winners, Benjamin Hudson, Ruben Castillo, Fan Debroux, Ron Metzger, and Glenn Mehltretter. And best trick going to Terry Adams.


  1. Ben Hudson
  2. Pete Brandt
  3. Jean William Prevóst
  4. Terry Adams
  5. Jean Francois Bouilliane
  6. Omari Cato
  7. Cesar Rangel
  8. Joe Cicman

Mid School / Legends.

  1. Ruben Castillo
  2. Todd Carter
  3. Bertrand Williams


  1. Fan Debroux
  2. Andrew Graziano
  3. Anthony Schneidewind


  1. Ron Metzger
  2. Matt Veach
  3. Ron Seay


  1. Glenn Mehltretter
  2. Andy Pandemic
  3. Bri Welch

Best Trick winner.

Terry Adams.

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