4 thoughts on “Matt Wilhelm: Hang 5 Podcast

  1. This is so good and very informative of the times in Matt’s career that are very interesting to me . His GT , Powell , and Giant bike company days , his motivation for removing his brakes , his future outlook on how he’s shaping his riding with his signature moves , and his climb to the top riding in all those X-Trials , X-Games. He’s so spot on about Terry and him back in 98 , 99 ! Those two were like the super talented , super hardcore young bucks who got crazy good REALLY quick and progressed both of their riding FAAAAAST way before 99 was even half way over , haha. Matt is a world class , elite rider whose BEEN at THAT level…….and still progressing , pushing the sport . Hang Five podcast , THANK YOU , TIMES 7 for another SLLLLAMMMMED episode . They just get better and better ………and …..BETTER !

  2. Not to mention Matt VERY injured days before the World Championships ……….STILL went …..and smashed it ! Exactly the same scenario a couple years before that……Wilhelm also getting THAT invite to the first 2002- C.O.B. …..man, talk about some serious clout !!

  3. Big fish in a small pond… our School assemblies were this Christian mullet muscle troop Strike Force and the kid rain man was based on. A regular guy radical flatlander would have been amazing.

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