3 thoughts on “Heresy AscenD 9,5” Promo w/ Sebastian Grubinger

  1. NOW were talking ! A Doom / Sludge Metal song just bull dozes along as Sebastien opposite rolls through a walk over to two footed, one handed- death truck , switched , bar flipped over to a one handed -double footed back yard roll ……all in REVERSE ! Opposite whiplash to pedal five ( bar small ! ) to x-arm -stomp exit…..ruled as well . One thing about all Heresy BMX , their edits / promos is………you know you’re always gonna get some seriously hammer style, hard as f-k , original tricks / lines with some rad Metal ( all genres ! ) tunes blaring . I personally love that. Sick bars and even more sick riding, from Mr. Grubinger !

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