2 thoughts on “Simon O’Brien: Unscripted

  1. Full bar , landing to backwards side packer / turbine , single kick side yard exit ! That’s NOT even the ender …….I’ve never seen this part of Simon and I feel like a idiot for having not seen it . This section …a W I D E selection of variations via countless concepts / tricks , just hammered down in lines that ya never know are coming next …..after the last line you just watched . Damn ….even with his Navy career , family life …..he’s STILL ascending with his progression. Mixing his experience with fresh ideas that are never ending. MUST WATCH . Obrien rules . What if HE would of been @ C.O.B. or Chiba X-Games . Hmmm…

  2. Such a great edit!
    Still creates new tricks /combo /switches, that’s amazing! Mixing old and new tricks… the result is great, as usual…
    Killer forever! Thank you for this edit

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