6 thoughts on “Jeremy Brosset: Training

  1. Very slammed , new stuff I noticed straight away ! Right pedal five turbine / jump over , landing to cross right fire haul turbine . Which is so dope . Right to right foot transition -switch ….and the cross pedal five , immediate boomerang , landing to right cross fire haul -push through , pump for speed …SICK and I’m certain these are HIS N.B.D.s. I’ve been stoked on Jeremy’s riding since him RIPPING and securing a top spot on Lapsey’s QUEST BMX roster , back in 2016. I remember I eager sent in a video entry thinking ” Hmmm , everyone is pretty much hooked up , sponsored. I just might have a shot at this . ” WRONG , ha…..Gurvan , Perez , and THIS cat , Brosset sent in their entries and I was like …” Nope , haha….I’m in the lion’s den . Ain’t no way in hell NOW , haha ” However I WAS stoked because THAT’S just how I became even more familiar and an even bigger fan of Jeremy’s rad style of lines . I’m a HUGE fan of watching pedal fives…….and THIS cat not only has em wired. He also does amazing things with them in lines that flow SO damn good . Good on ya , Effraim ! You posting this made my evening , sir ..and keep ruling Mr. Brosset …

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