FLAT ONLY COGCAST: Episode 2 / The Return of Sequence with Aaron Frost!

Welcome to Episode 2 of the Flat Only COGcast, my guest for the second episode is Aaron Frost from Sequence. The return of Sequence is a breath of fresh air to the flatland community, and I sit down with the man himself, and talk about the history of the brand, re-re-releasing classic sequence product, the new Anvil system on his peg design + you get the scoop on the new team for 2021 and a whole lot more.

Check the Timestamps for what’s discussed, I have to say this one of the best interviews I have done. Really enjoyed catching up with Aaron and talking all things Sequence. This show is not to be missed!!!

Enjoy the show!

0:00 Welcome to FLAT ONLY cogcast episode 2!

00:19 Introducing Aaron Frost to the show.

2:52 History of the Sequence brand.

3:49 Concept behind Sequence name.

6:06 How long did the brand run the first time round?

7:59 Shintaro Misawa added to the Sequence team.

10:42 Who was on the original Sequence team?

15:45 Recognising annoyingly good riders.

17:46 How long did Sequence lay dormant, what was your thinking starting back up?

19:04 Making a mistake getting Sequence made in Taiwan.

20:56 When did you start Sequence up again?

21:57 Starting a manufacturing company.

24:29 Making Sequence product in house.

25:32 Re-releasing classic Sequence product?

26:24 The Hook stem and the engineering behind it.

31:03 Is the weight on product a concern for you as a rider and engineer?

32:35 The Anvil peg system and size of pegs?

34:37 Why is the internal sleeve starting inside the peg more than usual?

36:28 Working with Titanium.

38:34 Having the facilty to take more then stems and pegs.

39:57 Working towards complete bikes.

40:52 Who is on the Sequence team for 2021?

48:25 Discussing how insane the Real Jeep Games were?

51:53 North American flatland scene.

53:07 Where can you get Sequence product from?

54:51 Aaron’s personal riding progression and injuries.

57:02 How does Aaron feel about Flat Only Brands?

1:07:21 How can people contact you?

Jean William Prevost wins AFA Round 3 in Huntington Beach, California

Waking up this morning to my social media full of the AFA contest series returning to California. Congratulations to Jean William Prevost who took first place followed by Matthias Dandois and Nor Cal flatland legend Pete Brandt rounding out the podium. Ed Jolie took the win in Expert, Robert Castillo took the Olds Cool class and Alex Lim first place in Novice. Great to see a flatland event return to its home, California with the Chairman, Martin Aparijo handing out the trophies.

Novice Class
1. Alex Lim
2. Ken Kitley
3. Coda McGraw
4. Derek Chamberlin
5. Ace De Chef

Old’s Cool
1. Robert Castillo
2. Dan Hubbard
3. Gary Knecht
4. Jorge Luziaga
5. Lance Lyons
6. Tricky Styler
7. Robert Reilly
8. J.P. Maksimo
9. Gary Clark
10. Shawn White
11. Dan Hull
12. Anthony Yourgulez

Expert Class
1. Ed Jodie
2. Trevor Watring
3. Jason Rideout
4. Sean Porter
5. Taz Deville

Pro Class
1. Jean William Prevóst
2. Matthias Dandois
3. Pete Brandt
4. Austin Luberda
5. Will Redd
6. James McGraw
7. Bobby Burge
8. Art Thomason
9. Ruben Castillo
10. Gabe Weed
11. Frank Ruiz
12. Nikola Olic
13. Bryan Huffman
14. Dave Nourie
15. Todd Carter
16. Koit McIntyre

Gabe Weed – 43 year young edit 2017

Gabe Weed just celebrated his 43rd birthday in style in Huntington Beach, California. Hit play for plenty of awesome clips filmed at the legendary beach car park riding spot right on the Pacific Ocean. Especially loved the spinning two footed pedal forward death truck pedal overtaker out at around the 3:11! Belated Happy birthday Gabe!

Ed Nussbaum/Diversion TV – Paper Television

This is an early profile of Ed Nussbaum before he started Sick Child Bikes. He was living in Long Beach, riding hardcore everyday and traveled around the country in his Honda to all the comps he could. Despite what he says in the video, ironically enough, the same year we filmed this, he qualified for the x-games on top of coming up with countless innovative switches. In particular the line at 3:22 is butter!

Official OneLoveJam 2013 Edit

OneLoveJam2013 Edit from One Love BMX on Vimeo.

Plenty of OneLove jam coverage this weekend, heres the Official edit and the word from Darin Wright.

“This is the 3rd annual OneLoveJam. You cant beat riding in January period. This year we raffled off 10 bags of swag, and last year bunnyhop champion came back to take the win again!
Big thanks to all our sponsors, and a big shoutout to Primo,John(TM), and Fano for providing refreshments and a smokers lounge.
We will see you next year!

One Love Jam by VisionOneFilms

Great OneLove jam edit from the VisionOne crew, featuring pretty much different faces than the previous two edits, and a lil’ glimpse of what Chad Johnston is up to at 1:34! Wow! In related news – Chad has a new edit for Primo dropping soon so keep an eye for that.