Jean-François Boulianne: Bienvenue

For the last three winters Jean-François Boulianne has escaped the unforgiving harsh Canadian winters, for the Southern Californian sunshine and he does it all with just his bike and his van. Check out out this great edit produced by Joel Moody that really communicates JF’s lifestyl, not to mention some great riding to boot.

Listen to DJ Mark Eaton play on Twitch

Looking for some entertainment during lockdown?

Mark Eaton hit me up yesterday with something little different than the normal, “can you post this edit Effraim?”. Mark as many should know created some of the most influential videos of all time and helped pave the way in the current flat/street trend.
Mark is nowadays DJ’ing a lot, which makes sense if you paid attention to his Dorkin’ soundtracks, Mark like many of us is battling copyright issues with various social media sites kicking off live streams immediately.
Mark discovered “Twitch”, a free streaming platform for Gamers, Musicians, & DJs. The sound quality is much better & you can use your phone on other apps while playing a stream.

Mark is trying to connect better with my friends & FB community and share what I’m passionate about whether it’s Video Production or creative DJ Sets.

Listen to DJ Mark Eaton play his DJ Sets, Weekly at 8-9pm eastern time and weekends is flexible:

Joey Kyllo & Francois Debroux: VANCOUVER Episode 1 / Injuries

Something little different to break up your feed today, Joey Kyllo & Francois Debroux update us all on what’s going with Grizzly Jam, and Joey discusses his recent injury and offers recovery tips. If you have never been, Vancouver is one of the most beautiful places in the world. This stuff is gold. Good job guys!

Terry Adams: More Than Motivated

Two great edits today for you to digest, both for different reasons.
Here’s that Terry Adams had to say about his new documentary:

“On the first day of 2021 I wanted to give you guys some insight of what my daily routine was for 2020. My goal was to give it my all. On and off the bike I worked my ass off. I’m extremely happy with my results and how much I’ve progressed as a person and a rider. Check out this 22 minute raw documentary filmed in one day that takes you through my daily routines, reasons for pushing myself, & my mindset behind all the motivation. Filmed & edited by Mickey Gaidos.”

Valance Drakes: New Vinyl Release

I’m surprised it’s taken me this long, but… my good friend Valance Drakes new Vinyl release just dropped and I wanted to show some love back to him. The imagery struck me, absolutely breathtaking artwork that grabbed me and got my attention. Valance contributes a lot to the culture of flatland contributing music towards various riders edits, ad deserves some shine. Grab a record if you can. Respect!

A Patternless And Endless Soul: Vinyl Announcement – 「YUKU」

The first 50 Ltd. Ed. copies of the vinyl will be made available to pre-order via YUKU on Thursday.

◤The LTD pack Includes◢ –
❑ 1×12″ 180gm coloured highly collectible vinyl
❑ 1x artwork print, unique to the LTD. Ed (and YUKRU) that’s signed and numbered (of 50)
❑ 2x tracks for download after the 1st 50 preorder is complete
❑ YUKU sticker pack and special packaging

「Audio Preview」//

Head over to YUKU and leave a comment if you want to be first in line to make one of these yours—those who comment will be given an opportunity to pre-order before the public announcement about it going live.

◤Release dates◢ –

YUKRU Subscribers — 18/12/2021
Worldwide release (digital & vinyl) — 15/06/2021

「Photography」 // Lee Jeffries

FlatBastard is born!

Rider and film-maker Mark Locke (the guy behind the A Bike For Che film) has a started a little flat merch brand called FlatBastard, which made us smile a lot.

Mark: ‘It started out as a bit of a joke, but then when I thought more about it I realised it sums it up perfectly: the bastard sons and daughters of BMX, kind of illegitimate and somehow less worthy. But the irony is that even the simplest flat takes so much hard work and perseverance. Usually alone in a car park, hence the ‘BMX Billy Nomates’ slogan with the first tee. The slogan’s obviously a bit tongue in cheek too as we’re perceived that way but there’s actually this amazing network of support. We’re a tribe of Bastards, of all levels, from novice to killing it, dotted all over the globe.’

For now it’s just tees and stickers but other tee designs are planned and possibly also beanies, socks and hoods. All tees are screen printed and then heat pressed for smoothness onto 100% cotton shirts.

Like flatland it’s small, but perfectly formed, and all about the details.

For orders, stock availability or to get on the mailing list email

Health Matters: Flatland and Elbow Pain by Scott Hagnas

Probably more Flatlanders have had their careers cut short by elbow pain than any other ailment. It’s almost epidemic in older riders it seems. I know how debilitating this can be firsthand – chronic elbow pain that started in 2003 eventually pushed me into semi-retirement around 2008. I rode infrequently from 2008 until 2015, but the elbow pain was always there even though I’d go weeks or months between sessions. In late 2015, I finally unlocked how to recover my elbows and in early 2016 began riding nearly every day once again. Now, nearly 5 years later and still riding regularly, I still have no pain.

I’ve shared what I did with numerous riders since then, and in every case, I’ve heard back how much it’s helped. If you aren’t into long articles and just want to jump to the #1 thing, scroll down to point #4 and do that. However, I’d suggest reading all of this if your elbows are not 100%!

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Jean-Francois Boulianne: The Southern Escape / The story behind a Must Watch!

Intro/Interview: Effraim.
Photography: Matthieu Metivet, Simon Warsan, Jean-Francois Boulianne.

This past winter, Jean-Francois Boulianne made his travels south to Peru and Colombia to avoid the harsh cold Canadian winter.
No one could have anticipated the Covid 19 pandemic that was to follow, and JFB has held onto this edit for a couple of months.
When Jean first hit me up with the edit, I asked what he had been up to during the winter, as I had seen a few posts on social media and was curious what his story was, and he seemed to be away from home for a long time.
After a few conversations back and forth, it became apparent to me that I should showcase this amazing edit a little differently than your normal Must Watch video breakdown.
Without further ado, it’s time to learn a little more about Jean’s travels and enjoy this edit, as the story goes deeper than just tricks, and captures for me what BMX is all about….

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