Listen to DJ Mark Eaton play on Twitch

Looking for some entertainment during lockdown?

Mark Eaton hit me up yesterday with something little different than the normal, “can you post this edit Effraim?”. Mark as many should know created some of the most influential videos of all time and helped pave the way in the current flat/street trend.
Mark is nowadays DJ’ing a lot, which makes sense if you paid attention to his Dorkin’ soundtracks, Mark like many of us is battling copyright issues with various social media sites kicking off live streams immediately.
Mark discovered “Twitch”, a free streaming platform for Gamers, Musicians, & DJs. The sound quality is much better & you can use your phone on other apps while playing a stream.

Mark is trying to connect better with my friends & FB community and share what I’m passionate about whether it’s Video Production or creative DJ Sets.

Listen to DJ Mark Eaton play his DJ Sets, Weekly at 8-9pm eastern time and weekends is flexible:

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