Terry Adams: More Than Motivated

Two great edits today for you to digest, both for different reasons.
Here’s that Terry Adams had to say about his new documentary:

“On the first day of 2021 I wanted to give you guys some insight of what my daily routine was for 2020. My goal was to give it my all. On and off the bike I worked my ass off. I’m extremely happy with my results and how much I’ve progressed as a person and a rider. Check out this 22 minute raw documentary filmed in one day that takes you through my daily routines, reasons for pushing myself, & my mindset behind all the motivation. Filmed & edited by Mickey Gaidos.”

3 thoughts on “Terry Adams: More Than Motivated

  1. STOKED to wake up to THIS ! Met him this cat March 27 1999 …….I’ve watched him come up to be one of the top riders to ever SLLLAAAMMMM it down on a bike , literally taking BMX Flatland to ridiculous levels ……..I.E. , anyone remember the RAIN session ??! Don’t even get me started on his Katrina combo , or other CRAZY technical attributes, in links …..on BOTH wheels ! He got my vote this year for the N.O.R.A. CUP and this site’s rider of the year award ! Loving this day in the life edit , TIMES 7 ! Good on BOTH of ya’ll l , Terry Berry / Mickey G-spot !! I’ll be watching this several times over ! He was and is STILL one of my favorite riders , TERRY BERRY ADAMS ……as he would say ……..YA’LL AIN’T READY !!! FIRST TRY , FIRST TRY !!

  2. Really touching video… Terry has become my idol the last year… True flatlander
    dedicated to the full… Family man, works hard on and off his bike…. I am also more than motivated this moment…. Thank you Terry for pushing it and showing what flatland means…. That was awesome! Keep up strong in 2021!

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