One thought on “Misaki Katagiri “Gyaos”: UCI World Cup 2019 series WINNER

  1. @ 2.42 minutes ! Pedal squeaker , drop down to squeaker , step over to side squeak , switch around to a quick half hiker , reach over grab the other side of the bars ….as she’s butter slipping around the bars , to another side squeak to backwards steam / pivot exit ! Rad combo ! Besides Erin Frick ……Misaki is another of the many women who SHRED on their bikes . Calm ,smooth , technical riding style , in this contest run . Well deserved win . There’s that other woman rider who does the effortless hitchhiker juggler links , and X-down pedal squeaker ride outs . She SLLLAAAMMMMED her prelim run DOWN in the Expert class @ the 2015 Flatland Voodoo Jam . My prelim run didn’t start until around noon ……so with hours to spare , warm up on my bike …..I was lucky enough to be asked to judge Expert prelims / finals ………and bruuuuuuuv …..not only did she EASILY make the final round …..she ALSO had EVERY judge , and the entire venue of riders , spectators and EVERYONE cheering LOUD with every single line that she pulled ! She wasn’t nervous at all and breezed through her run ! Hiroki Uchiyama , myself , her and some other riders from Japan hung out and chilled in my hotel room , with Hiroki translating our conversation , haha……good times ! Anyway …there’s a bunch of women riders who are making their riding presence felt , TIMES 7 ……..Krys Dauchy was one of the pioneers in the 80s…..and now look how rad on their bikes they ALL are TODAY in 2021 !!

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