Must Watch: Mates Tuček / Flatland 2018-2019

If you didn’t already know Mates Tuček is one of the most skilled riders in the game, I have had the pleasure to ride with Mates for a week straight a few years in a row. His trick depth is like that I would expect of a 50 year old man, he can do it. Just what this edit filmed from between 2018-2019, and I am sure you will agree. I will however, say the music is on mute….

Let me also say right here, congratulations to Mates and his girlfriend who just celebrated their first child together. Beautiful!

14 thoughts on “Must Watch: Mates Tuček / Flatland 2018-2019

  1. Epic video and the music is the best you can use for flatland…. Mr. Vain folks! Mates is one of the best flatland warriors in the world…. Full stop. You need 5 life’s to learn what he has pulled in a couple of years…. Another crazy video which I will use for motivation for years to come. Congrats for your child Mates! Progress in flatland means progress in life…. I know that from first hand….. Take a bow Mates…. You rock man!

    • Thank you Giannis..I I think i will need 10 lifes to pull your tricks..That is crazy.
      Cant wait for your next video!

      • Insane progress my brother from 2017 and beyond…. I wish I could come close to your level! Can’t wait for my next edit?? Well… Your wish is an order for me my friend…. Stay tuned for more…. Keep it up Mates! Respect.

  2. THAT combo @ 3.oo minutes , and the last two !!! The thing that REALLY gets me is that it appears that these type of SLLLLAAMMMED , X-leg pivot / switch links that he’s doing …….it’s seems like these are his NORMAL session lines , haha…..they all seem DIALED as hell and laced up easily ! Just what Effraim stated 5 years ago……STYLE is busting hard sh-t , while making it look EASY , when it’s FAR from not……..I mean …..just look how he’ll just CASUALLY pump a half packer……X-LEGGED , to gain speed or how he will pull a crazy transition , and you’re thinking …..THAT was WILD ! The dude will STILL finish up with ANOTHER X-leg pivot to complete his link ! This would of EASILY been great enough to SELL as a solo D.V.D. film , being that it’s like some of his most difficult , HAMMER time , technical combos ……2018-2019 ??! I’m almost scared to see what he’s got up his X-leg sleeves for 2021 , haha…..when I saw how he rode in B.I.T.R. 2017-2018 , going for and PULLING his video section lines in the heat of one on one battles , NOT playing it safe , conservative , or tame with his level of combos , going ALL OUT for that first place victory ……I was like , DAMN ….reminds me of Martti , during those EPIC battles , Flat-ground 2007 , I believe it was . I said in my ballot that I’d love to see even MORE of Jumpei Goto’s riding in 2021 …..well….I DEFINITLY wanna / have to see MORE of Mates Tucek’s riding , also……TIMES 7 ! Having his first child will I bet RAISE his riding level even MORE . Look what THAT did for Giannis , Terry , Austin , Fulcher , and Art ! All their riding is even MORE rad now !! Again , the level of riding in this is LETHAL ………M.O.C. 2021 type level , if ya ask me !!

  3. Huge thanks for your kind comments, also thanks to Effraim for posting my video here on flatmatters (flatland mecca videoportal) happy you enjoy it .
    Appreciate it ! Keep riding and see you soon 🙂

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