Aloha Jam 2014 – September 21/22

Happy New Year everyone! We kick off the new year with an exciting project Bobby Carter is working on, check out the fresh new site for the event, heres what Bobby had to say!

“BMX brings us together to ride, but it also brings us together to experience life. Aloha Jam is not a contest, but it is more than just a jam, it’s a BMX Holiday. Get ready to ride and experience an adventure that only a Hawaiian environment and the Aloha Spirit can provide! On the first day, riders will meet at the park for a riding session. The following day, everybody goes to Hanauma Bay to hangout, enjoy snorkeling and the beach scenery! There’s something for everyone at Aloha Jam!”

Hit the site:

Diversion TV – Dave McDaniel and the Magic of Flatland

Welcome back the Diversion Retrospective of our first decade in flatland of the 21st century in flatland bmx. We now dive into Diversion Video Magazine issue 2.0 The first section features Dave McDaniel riding at Santa Monica Pier. Dave talks about the Magic of flatland. As you progress and learn harder tricks, you get more caught up in that magic.

Ed Nussbaum/Diversion TV – Paper Television

This is an early profile of Ed Nussbaum before he started Sick Child Bikes. He was living in Long Beach, riding hardcore everyday and traveled around the country in his Honda to all the comps he could. Despite what he says in the video, ironically enough, the same year we filmed this, he qualified for the x-games on top of coming up with countless innovative switches. In particular the line at 3:22 is butter!