3 thoughts on “Diversion TV – Flatland BMX World Travel – Manuel Prado

  1. I haven’t seen him ride since the CFB Myrtle Beach in 2002. If I recall correctly his flawless runs got him 1st place. Nice guy to boot.

  2. Still watching THIS video section in 2020 ! Manuel was / is such a skilled flatlander . Always dug his super clean , tech , flawless links . His stubble duck , pivot , and bar flip game was LOCKED , TIMES 7……….making the successful cross over to Mountain biking , and STILL keeping his BMX skills ,that is dope indeed . I wish he would post some fresh video of him killing some combos ……his finals run @ the 2003 X-Games , the last one that included flatland was SLLLLLAAAAAMMMED DOWN , it would be a really good run that would place well …..even today ……….

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