Hang 5 Podcast Episode 20: Pete Olsen

Photo credit: Stephane Bar.

Episode 20 features the interview of Heresy’s Pete Olsen. The quiet flatland giant from Saskatoon, Canada.
Pete is Known for his insane rolling manoeuvers on the backwheel, and his creative video parts. Find out how he got his start, where he finds his inspiration, how he deals with punishing canadian winters, how he films his parts, how he got on S&M, and Heresy, his thoughts on the flatland scene, and much more. Great episode, definitely reserve some time for this one!


6 thoughts on “Hang 5 Podcast Episode 20: Pete Olsen

  1. He seriously SLLLAMMMMED DOWN one of the most craziest , difficult lines of 2021 ! Killer of all things rolling while being very humble about his skill set . That S and M bikes edit he dropped STILL rules today . Thank you , Hang Five podcast / Peter ! Another great podast for 2021 ! Can’t believe he goes from the basement to a huge lot and vice versa with his lines …..dual skills and disciplinary mindset ………

    • Rodney bro, it’s adapt or die. With the climate here it’s either that basement, or NOTHING. I was in that basement with Pete and crew many years ago when he put on the berry jams. It may not have been big, but it was somewhere to ride that he had full 24/7 access to, and clearly made good use of. I remember my dad shooting down the idea when I got back into the city (totally stoked on the concept) and tried to convince him to let me ride in the basement of my parents house lol. His belief is that bikes are for outdoors, we have winter, deal with it. I had to argue just to keep my bike in the house so it wouldn’t get stolen when I started riding. Some peoples families support in different ways I guess, whatever. That aside, a winter spot is your tricktionary’s only hope for survival in most of Canada. The winter is so whack here that any indoor rideable spot can be appreciated. Otherwise its like quitting for almost half a year, then struggling to catch up to where you left off, then with what’s left of the season you try to make some progress.
      Another great podcast! Thanks Francois and E for putting this out and up!

      • That’s wild , BZ ! Really shows the pure , relentless , and year round determination of Canadian riders . One of the multiple reasons why I hold Canadians riders VERY high in clout / respect ! From the old , mid and like YOU ….the new school generation of cats out there ruling and progressing Flatland . Canada is straight up one of BMX ‘s mecca for producing some of THE elite riders , TIMES 7. ( one of em Jason Brown , r.i.p. , who literally motivated , opened my eyes and mind to really pushing long combos . His link in his 5 Combos video…that link is STILL the holy grail of riding to me ,personally . ) Props to ya , BZ ! I just recently shared that STEEEZZY X-leg , switch-one handed steam variation that you have on your channel and plan to post more of your lines on my F.B. account ! Keep ripping , BZ ! Eagerly waiting on your EXCLUSIVE line that I know you’ve been working on in between family / work life , campeon !!

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