34 thoughts on “Flatland back at the X Games!! Chiba Japan / April 22:24th 2022

  1. SLLLAMMMMMMED !!! I was just talking about 2003 , Simon Obrien winning the very last one in 2003 , the last X-Games that had Flat in it . THIS is really wild and I seriously can’t believe it !! STOKED , TIMES 7 ……..this news sent a shock through me when I clicked on this site , haha. I had almost forgot to check this site . ( daily ritual , haha ! ) Damn …..I seriously can’t freaking believe THIS at all !! I’m BUGGING OUT ……..WOW !! Thank you , Effraim for the 411 as usual , sir !!

  2. Are we all sure that Brian Tunney isn’t just messing with us again?
    LOL That April fools was great!
    If he’s not, then I guess we’re good/cool enough to be in again. We’ll see how it goes this time.

  3. I’m guessing Simon Obrien is prequalified since he won gold the last one in 2003 . I bet Terry Adams is on the invite list due to his ridiculous progression and daily social media combos …..plus recent contest wins , placings ! Can’t wait to see just who get the invite ….plus with it being in Japan……we all know from the Jeep Real Games just how amazing , wild so many riders from all over there are ! This is promised to be one of the craziest level Flatland contests of all time . I mean , think for example a Hiro Morisaki vs Jean William DUB Prevost battle at their level being dialed and pulling out their HAMMER combos back to back ! I really , really can’t wait for this to happen / watch on LIVE T.V. !!! My mom ( I STILL live with her , hahha ! ) would even be thrilled to watch this entire contest and she’s only an avid conservative sports fan , haha …… April can’t come quick enough !! Hope that you’re either riding , judging Big -E ! A event of this magnitude NEEDS you there , TIMES 7….

      • BZ , curious bruv ……..if the invites were based on votes by riders ( like the N.O.R.A. CUP ! ) which rider would you vote for as based on their riding skills alone …..I would vote for Giannis Caternellis for his HUUUUGE tricktionary !

          • Right back atcha , BMX King of Greece ! Giannis , your tricktionary is INFINITE in not only moves , variations , etc …..it’s also INFINITE in……ORIGINALITY . Whenever I think of riders who are so damn skilled , have done / created so many things just for the sake of pushing the art , progressing the sport…..ESPECIALLY riders out there on their own , their secluded session spot , hidden ….under the radar …barely really exposed ….totally a underground Flatland genius . Your name INSTANTLY comes to my mind and hell if I’m being honest ….should come to EVERYONE’S mind . Video doesn’t lie . 113 edits of countless of links , original , difficult and creative ones doesn’t lie . It’s all right there for anyone to see . If that alone isn’t deserving of an invite to ANY Flatland contest than I really don’t know WHAT is , haha…..

          • Doing all of this progression of the sport running your business , family life , enduring your recent, major injuries , etc ,etc ……that’s as CORE as one can be in Flatland BMX . Your skills are parallel with all the other greats in Flatland . Looking forward to ANY video you upload soon ,Even if it’s ONE combo because of your busy schedule…..I’ll STILL be stoked , TIMES 7 . Salud , Giannis !

        • Since you already said the man’s name(Giannis). I’ll have to throw another name in the hat now. Style master Jeff Desroche is who I’d like to see in the mix. Visual appeal for both riders and non-riders.

          • Totally agree , BZ ! Seen him @ the X-Trials in Grand Prarie Texas , April 26 2002 ….his prelim run exactly what you typed . All the riders AND crowd were very into and STOKED as he was going through his switch hand steam bar twitch to cross inside tea kettles , bar pull through to steam ! ( Bruv , just HOW many cats have you seen using THAT switch , LOADS ! Hell , if I was skilled enough…..I’d use / bite it too , haha.. ) He rode very serious with an almost vicious snarl / expression , he was locked in his zone . Almost like he’s was just riding @ his home spot and not the actual contest . Oh YES ! Jeff would be PERFECT for this year’s X-Games ……not to mention he’d be repping one of the sport’s most CORE riding scenes ever….. C A N A D A !

  4. Gracias hermano for all the above you wrote and all its true…Freestyler #116 is up there for over a month now and i dont know what happened even if i emailed it twice to BigE it still not here but…no worries.FREESTYLER #117 around Christmas full of new moves and best of 2021….stay tuned amigo…and God bless you for your love!

    • Can’t believe you pulled all those line back to back……….to back , campeon !This edit RULES , Giannis . Just unedited , raw session footage hanging and banging , casually just nailing……EVERYTHING in two sessions . Is this how you always ride AND are that DIALED ?! Apparently so , haha….have to say this is my top3 favorite edits by you. Going through just a drop of your tricktionary , too……..that’s the scary part , haha…..really , really dig FREESTYLER # 116 . As far as it not being up on here yet ….Effraim is just EXTREMELY busy running his skatepark , progressing his own riding ,( filming for his upcoming edit , can’t wait for THAT. ) , coaching riders , roading cycling , running his new merch shop , etc ,etc…..It’s all love ,good ! I’m ready for FREESTYLER # 117 ……it’ll be a SLLLLAMMMMED christmas gift to the global Flatland community . Damn , I’m really , really , stoked on FREESTYLER # 116 , seems like you were just riding with the camera on , haha…..again…..it’s wild that your sessions flow , come out like that , naturally …….the KING of BMX , representing Greece does it……….yet ……AGAIN …….so rad , TIMES 7.

      • Only YOU hermano can comment for a Freestyler edit which is NOT yet on flatmatters!!ahahahah!Hang on cabrone….#117 is coming….TOP 3 Freestyler edits??Which are the other 2??

      • Santa brought your Christmas gift a week earlier my brother…!!HOHOHO!!
        FREESTYLER #117 is on youtube from this moment for everyone to enjoy…Gracias mi amigo King RODNEY for your support to me and general in flatland…YOURE A TREASURE!!

        • My god dude……….you’re taking some of Flatland’s most hardcore , difficult , and technical tricks / variations and just literally playing around and even FREESTYLING with all of them ! To make things even more MENTAL ……you’re even morphing them into your own ORIGINAL lines …I remember it being said that Kevin Jones himself randomly said ” You never know ! There could be some rider in Finnland doing the most amazing , progressive stuff …right under our noses ! ” Fast forward to 1996 and Martti Kuoppa showed up in Judgen @ the World’s ! ( Effraim was there to witness and meet him ! ) Well…….I suppose that Kevin MUST of meant Finnland……….and GREECE ! Hahaha…..

          • Very humbled by your words hermano…you see…not to many riders can give respect to others when they are riding hard and progressing…even more when they deserve it…Nevermind…I wish Kevin Jones watches my edits cause its all based on his steping stone tricks and the legacy he left with his creativity and originality…

        • All these hoodie-peg grab , one legged / handed hitchhikers .Back packer bike varial , jump to hitchhikers . Front wheel undertakers . X-leg hitchhikers . So much CRAZY lines ( yet AGAIN ! ) are just ALOT to take in , as they’re randomly FREESTYLED at will and in the hardest possible methods , G ! Santa DELIVERED , haha….Giannis , I’ll keep saying it …..YOU…..TOP 20 Flatland FREESTYLERS in the sport’s history ! Edit number # 177 ……# 117 !! You represent Flatland’s purest categories …..difficulty , technicality , originality , and most of all constant evolution -progression ! You’re even as DIALED as a seasoned contest rider . You ARE Flatland BMX in it’s most CORE form , TIMES 7…..THANK YOU for riding and being you , Giannis …

          • All i do cabrone is riding for fun and learning new tricks and variations as it is the most important thing in flatland to me…7 years Freestyler series goes on and on…gracias for enjoying and being inspired from my progress…the journey continues no matter what and YOU my brother make that journey even sweeter…thank you from the deep of my heart Mr. Longest combo ever!!

  5. Hope the look and feel is simular to a Circle of Balance or a FLATARK contest, makes it much more interresting for the viewer.

    • Totally agree man. We’re a main stage event. COB and Flatark do an amazing job of showcasing what flatland is and can be. Much better than a sectioned off area behind some vert ramp. Doing that kinda thing gives the impression to the public that its like a side show and won’t get the same attention and respect. Looking forward to seeing how this ones going to play out.

      • YES!!! Over Thanksgiving I wanted to show some of my family member what Flatland is all about, they new nothing. I showed them some footage from the COB event and their minds were blown! They were glued to the screen and asked for more.
        Like you said, Flatland is a Main Stage event. The audience should be up close surrounding the main stage with house music, lighting, sound effects, DJ’s, ect…

  6. In an ideal world no flatlanders would show up to this X games. It’s like being used and then thrown away, and then going right back to the user. It makes no sense for flatlanders to support this X games.

  7. I KNEW you were either invited to judge or really ANYTHING involving this SLLLLAMMMMED event , Effraim . You’re so damn lucky to be going to this as I know it’s going to be beyond epic just like the 2002 X-Games . ANY coverage of it will be greatly appreciated , Big- E …..but most of all before anything . Please just enjoy and fully take in every single second of this historic experience . I honestly thought that Flatland wouldn’t get invite back into the X-Games until maybe 15 years from today . Thinking that this new generation of riders that Naoto and Uuchie are coaching , that the more riders they coached would multiple even more thus creating LOADS of new Pro level riders and THAT being the driving force to ” get ” Flatland it’s invite to return . I was honestly thinking that was what it would take . To wake up today thinking to myself …” Flat is BACK on live T.V. in a couple more weeks . ” . It’s really a head trip , taking me back to summer 2002 . I remember having daily sessions , then watching the Finals , or C.F.B.s after the session. Now ……here we go again……honestly . If it would of been an open Prelim for anyone . I would of GLADLY flew to Chiba , ride and get dead LAST place in the prelim , smile , then watch the final , and had sessions , partied ( not drinking , though. ) with the other riders and just completely enjoyed being immersed in the Japanese Flatland scene for a couple days……….you’re lucky , E ! Then again …….with all you’ve done for the sport. Your personal invite was inevitable , TIMES 7……

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