Must Watch: Viki Gomez / Rise 3

Viki Gomez / RISE 3 from Viki Gomez on Vimeo.

It’s been a quiet few weeks as we get into the festive season. Viki Gomez changed all that with this amazing new “Rise 3” put together by Sevisual. Viki showcases arguably the biggest tricktionary in the game, everything Viki does is amazing, but the standouts for me in this one:

2:56: Bike flip line that just develops as the line goes on, more and more tech, that x-ft ice cream body varial takes the cake for me, beautiful!

4:43: Steam Kickflip to halfpacker which is a Viki staple move, watch the new ride out!

Don’t sleep on this one…..

20 thoughts on “Must Watch: Viki Gomez / Rise 3

  1. Good choice to post , E . I love seeing just how he’s taking all these x-leg , bike flips / varials, etc, etc…. all these concepts……and mixing them all up with direction changes , pivots , turbines ….the works . Viki is just piecing everything together ,creating some mind blowing combos …..and with so much easy going steeezzzz . It’s exciting watching him re invent his riding style since freaking 1999 ……..and STILL doing so . This cat will always be an elite rider ….his relentless progression seems pretty much a natural , involuntary trait or somethig , haha…bet he’s getting that invitation to Chiba !

  2. Had to watch it again …….HAMMER combos , so much hard sh-t ! Quite a few new twists also . Viki just dropped that insane Jeep Real Games video entry not that long ago……now …..THIS . The level in Flatland , like this edit is just downright crazy , TIMES 7 . Chiba is gonna be one wild ass contest . Viki is READY right…….NOW , haha……he could have honestly SOLD this edit online and I damn well would of paid for it without hesitation……..

  3. With the young guns taking over the sport and progressing at a blistering pace, there’s still one guy who has the largest tricktionary in the world, and it’s Viki. Front wheel, back wheel…and now add all the pivot wizardry, bike flips and body varials? Top of the mountain.

    (those body varials are my favorite)

  4. WOW! Truly a flatland superpower. That whip around ride out he does around 2:46 and other times through out the edit looks so rad. Amazingly clean, crisp and visually appealing riding. Mind blowing.

  5. Thanks a lot for your kind words Jeep Real Games format of 1 min really pushed me to put together as many hard tricks as I could. I got a lot of ideas that are possible and now I can’t wait to try them this winter with my new bike set up. Progressing is Flatland. Infinite tricks to discover every day. And whenever you feel stuck just go for the tricks that feel good and bring you happiness. Ride on and thanks a lot for sharing!

    • You’re welcome , campeon . That Jeep Real Games entry was SLLLAMMMED ! Just back to back super hard moves squeezed into a tiny time slot . Reminded me of that one Live To Ride edit of yours ,on vimeo ……riding to a Whole lotta love instrumental looped track by Led Zepplin……you’re lost in a realm of progression and that’s dope and is just gonna push the art form even further in 2022 . Salud , Viki ……and I’m stoked to see what’s on the forefront from your riding this season , year …..good luck in Chiba . ……cause like I already stated …..I just KNOW you’re getting that hand selected invite . 3 time C.O.B. winner , among other accolades for multiple years ……how could you NOT get an invite ? Haha…….salud , bruv……….

    • Yes sir ! his riding / tricktionary… the Pacific ……DEPTH ! I’ve followed his riding since his early 1999 wrist twist tomahawk spin -FULL flip lines , wearing his blue visor ,Jnco jeans , and riding on his all orange quamen set up …..and to this day , year I’m STILL discovering tricks , links , and countless variations that he’s done , created , etc ,etc… his riding……

      • Yes Rodney, same here, always been a fan of all his tricks, from his very beginnings to nowadays, with or without break.. such a killer!
        Impulsivity will remain one of the biggest treat for me! On all level…
        And still ripping today, incredible…

  6. Like if you were deep sea diving……the pressure becomes more and more extreme as you’re descending. Like this edit …..the difficulty , EXTREME difficulty …gets more and more out of hand as you’re watching to the last line . It’s no wonder he got that Chiba invite . Bringing THIS type of heat to Chiba ….it’s going to be one wild contest down to the wire , TIMES 7. Watching this again was rad . All these lines hit so damn hard and are pulled with style. I’m loving every single direction that he’s taken his riding over his innovative career. This new direction is as SLLLLLAMMMED as I could hope for and I’m digging just how he’s continually building from these variations , tricks and x-leg pivots /turbines . Damn……Chiba is going to be REALLY intense…….

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