Merry Christmas Everyone!

MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE from here at Flatmattersonline HQ!!
Christmas is all about spending time with family, it’s been another tough year!
And we can only hope that 2022 is an improvement on this year….
Spare a thought for those on their own this year.
This is as good a time as any for the community to stick together, have a great day everyone!!

Regular updates returning shortly, plus a small matter of the 2021 Flatmattersonloine year end awards!

Hold tight, and enjoy the festive season!

Effraim Catlow.

13 thoughts on “Merry Christmas Everyone!

  1. Merry Christmas , Big-E ! I really , really appreciate all that you’ve done with this site since 2008 , your new merch store , your superb judging @ countless contests , events , coaching the future generation of riders , and of course your innovation with your RIDING since 1993 till …..TODAY . ( you’re too humble and will never admit this , haha…it is TRUE though ! Trust me, I own the V.H.S. tapes, D.V.D.s with ALOT of your riding……..and cant literally repeat just about every single thing that you’ve either created , progressed or pushed t…rick , variation wise in Flatland’s history… )

  2. Also lets just be real and honest ……..the sheer amount of GLOBAL coverage that you’ve highlighted …..whether it be people’s edits , contest coverage , jam coverage , product information , rider’s interviews ………literally every and anything involving the sport GLOBALLY ….showcasing so damn much , and on your own time AND dime ……whilst running South Sea skatepark and whatever else you juggle in your day to day , hour to hour …..hell bruv…….minute to minute ….I just don’t see HOW you spin all these various plates on sticks . Thing is you’re STILL doing it and doing it SUPERB , TIMES 7 . I seriously , really don’t think you get ENOUGH props . Outta have your own day of the year ……. Flatland’s GLOBAL Ambassador day ! Bruv……ya also just helped nourish , shape , and morph a 2021 OLYMPIC MEDALIST …..Declan Brooks ! His use , training @ YOUR skatepark for years did THAT ! Can’t count how many times I’ve clicked on, commented , and eagerly looked forward to peep gaming all that this site represents and stands for ………CORE BMX Flatland from the old to mid to new school time era . ALL things FLATLAND represented well on FLATMATTERSONLINE.COM , TIMES 7……….cheers , E ! ( how I WISH anyone would find ,upload your video section from O.G. Marton’s 1997’s Parade video , now THAT would of capped off today ! ) Again , Merry Christmas to YOU , Effraim………….CAN’T WAIT for your upcoming edit !!

  3. Merry Christmas! I appreciate all you do and looking forward to the content you’ll be showcasing throughout the new year!

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