Hiroya Morizaki starts Crown!

HUGE news today from Japan, one of the best riders in the game. Hiroya Morizaki just started his own bike brand, over to Hiroya!

“I just started a new bike brand, Crown. First, let me introduce the new sample that just arrived.
The first frame is based on Delta, which I used to design for Quamen Bikes, a California-based BMX frame company back in 2005, and improved the design suitable for the modern flatland needs.

The fork is initially designed for the Garuda frame of Aresbikes but pursing as small a clearance as possible and shortens the length of the fork for the best possible usability at doing various types of tricks, front and back tricks, rolling, and spinning.
Every detail of geometries results from numerous tries and errors over two years. I’ll keep testing until the release, although the production schedule is still up in the air due to the COVID situation. Stay tuned!

Logo designd by Yuta Takahashi.

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