Terry Adams & Mickey Gaidos: Don’t Think – Feel | A BMX Mini Doc

The majority of times I post here on FM, the videos are about tricks. This mini doc hits different, where the focus is on friendship, spirit, two friends Terry Adams & Mickey Gaidos pushing each other and how that’s affected their lives. Great job on this one, Andrew Simmons!

Viki Gomez & Chris Bohm tie for 1st at Day 2 Red Bull Bike n’ Mic

Congratulations to all the winners on Day 2 of the Red Bull Bike n’Mic in Luxembourg yesterday. This is a new type of event where the crowd judged the event with an app, with the riders battling round to round along with hip hop artists thrown in the mix. Viki Gomez & Chris Bohm came out as joint winners followed by a joint second tie Lee Musselwhite & Raphael Chiquet, good vibes in Luxembourg.

Merry Christmas Everyone!

MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE from here at Flatmattersonline HQ!!
Christmas is all about spending time with family, it’s been another tough year!
And we can only hope that 2022 is an improvement on this year….
Spare a thought for those on their own this year.
This is as good a time as any for the community to stick together, have a great day everyone!!

Regular updates returning shortly, plus a small matter of the 2021 Flatmattersonloine year end awards!

Hold tight, and enjoy the festive season!

Effraim Catlow.

Chari & Co Titanium Frame!


Chari & Co out of Japan just produced a titanium frame called The Clinton Frame.
They are going to sale at @thepark_samukawa at 10/9.

TT 18.5”CS 12.5”
SOH 8.25”
HA 75°
Weight 1.3kg

TT 19.5”CS 13.0”SOH 9.0”HA 75°SA 71°BB HEIGHT 11.8 MID
Weight 1.36kg.

Episode 76: Flatmattersonline Exclusive with Rodney Williams


What is up everybody? It is time for episode 76 of the Flatmattersonline Exclusives, today it is the turn of the one and only Rodney Williams!
Rodney comes through with his second FM clip, and 77 is more in keeping with Rodney’s style. Throwing down a long line, love the circle k pedal bar flips in this one. This is a move that I used to do a long time ago, and seeing Rodney do these made me feel like learning these once again. It’s great that clips can inpire you like that!
Thanks Rodney for the motivation, and for contributing.

Whose got episode 77? Hopefully dropping Sunday…