Viki Gomez & Chris Bohm tie for 1st at Day 2 Red Bull Bike n’ Mic

Congratulations to all the winners on Day 2 of the Red Bull Bike n’Mic in Luxembourg yesterday. This is a new type of event where the crowd judged the event with an app, with the riders battling round to round along with hip hop artists thrown in the mix. Viki Gomez & Chris Bohm came out as joint winners followed by a joint second tie Lee Musselwhite & Raphael Chiquet, good vibes in Luxembourg.

2 thoughts on “Viki Gomez & Chris Bohm tie for 1st at Day 2 Red Bull Bike n’ Mic

  1. Mad respect to all the riders , G.G. management , Red Bull , and everyone involved @ this event ……..AND whomever that was that got the footage on their phone ! I watched it and it was SLLLLLAMMMMED ! Terry / Kio , their battle being REALLY good as they were both freestyling their lines , mixing it up , with some serious saves and hammers mixed in the lines ,too…..all the riders really looked like they were having fun like a casual session instead of a contest . Doing show AND contest tricks , combos . High level and fun style riding ……and again some HEAVY hammer lines were thrown down by all . It was like a jam circle contest . The M.Cs were a rad touch as well ! I’ve watched just about EVERY bike and mic show with Viki , Martti , and that one dope M.C. from Ceebrolistics (. Finnish hip-hop group , performed with the K.G.B. team @ Flat-Ground . ) All those shows from 2009-2012ish were cool , improv , and rad ! To see Bike and Mic on this huge of a scale is awesome …….can’t wait till the next one ! Terry’s cross Karl hops , staring down Kio ….then dropping / bar twitching to hiker and Kio’s ice cream stall / save QUICK under taker exit / stomp……those were just a couple of the moments that made this event go the hell off ! Viki and G.G. sport’s management nailed THIS !

  2. This event looked like it was a blast for both the riders and spectators. Chris Bohm had me laughing with the surfer and also flexin while doin a snake/euro spin. LOL! What a showman. Caught what I could from footage on youtube. Kinda neat concept taking the judges perspective almost back to an og AFA style when non-riders like people’s parents were the judges, but now the entire crowd has judging authority. Totally based on visual appeal for the crowd that mostly won’t have the technical flatland knowledge of the intricacies that a flatlander would. Got to get em’ pumped and noisey! Fun lookin stuff!

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