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Rodney Williams is on fire with his new lighter ride set up, and just came through with a bunch of short clips. Three minutes seems short after Rodney dropped that two hour line! Much respect Rodney, keep on documenting, sharing and most importantly progressing!

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  1. Damn , Big -E…….THANK YOU , TIMES 7 . This made my Sunday ! I’m just feeling out this new set up , kind of freestyling , experimenting with things . It’s cool , bruv . I was not expecting you to post all of my lines or even ANY of them ! I KNOW from knowing you for some years now that you’re EXTREMELY busy . Running , up keep , the books , the day to hour to second relentless tasks ,of running a successful skatepark…….ALOT of work . I saw this first hand with a skatepark owner / rider, amigo ….. that ran one here in S.A. ! You ALSO coach Flatland , run your new merch shop , road cycle to help maintain injuries , family life…..AND progress your OWN riding . ( which I might add , you’re SLLLAMMING some dope stuff ! ) Also…’re filming here and there for your edit ….so I know that when and what you even get a second to post is in a very small window of your time , campeon . I know you’re busy , man……so please KNOW I really , really appreciate you posting my video clips . I’m just having session , going with it ! Again , thank you , Effraim …..I KNOW you’re juggling a EXTREMELY busy life and I’m actually amazed and stunned that you’ve STILL been running this site since 2008 ! Again , thanks , E …..and I am so AMMMPED you brought back your PEDAL cowboys flip / steez , pressure flips , sling shot and signature steam ,leap exit !

    • Amazing clips from Mr. Longest combo ever!!Hermano by your standards these are warm up links before you slam your 2 hour combos…i suppose!aha!!Man those circle K barflips one footed ala Kerry Gatt and on the pedal are something else….will comment again later amigo….nice looking set up also my brother…what happened to the og EP??

      • Thank you , Giannis …aka the BMX KING of Greece ! I REALLY , REALLY appreciate props from one of the most skilled ELITE riders ever . ( 118 edits of a MASSIVE tricktionary is too SLLLLLAMMMED ! ) Those Kerry-K and pedal-K bar flips look familiar ?? Got em both from watching the classic Flatland videos…Novacaine , Dig-it , Leo Dumlao’s part . Parade , EFFRAIM CATLOW’S part . and video footage of Kerry Gatt , his prelim run @ the Oklahoma Hoffman contest , 1995 . ( I was there ! ) Yes, hermano , I’ve borrowed alot of my favorite rider’s stuff from 1994 to 1998 , haha…..and I’ll ALWAYS give them respect for it ! The E.P. ??! Sad story , cabrone………as you know ANY old , mid school parts are pretty much non existent and don’t exist anymore , haha….the stuff that was available . Smart old , mid school riders bought all that stuff up already….so……being that I needed stuff I couldn’t get anymore for YEARS…I was literally FORCED into getting a new set up , haha..I fought doing that for OVER 20 plus years as my E.P. literally felt PERFECT to me ! The weight wasn’t an issue and I loved that damn bike ! However ….like fighting trying to only use , watch V.H.S. tapes for YEARS also ….the old , mid school parts , bikes went non existent ( like V.H.S. ! ) and I HAD to conform to the new school parts , bikes …..just like I had to with D.V.D.s , hahaha…..oh well…..also , thank you again for the love , campeon ! Jason Brown , r.i.p. was and STILL is a HEAVY influence on me doing long combos ! Remember his combo in his video ,5 Combos ?! SLLLLAMMMMMED , TIMES 7……..

    • Thank you , Reggie ! I appreciate the love , man . Cheers right back atcha . Canada , huh ?! Jason Brown , r.i.p. , Billy Borys , Dan Rigby , are HEAVY influences on my riding to THIS day . Their 1994-1998 stuff ! You can tell looking at these video clips…..and John “DIZZ ” Hicks for the ice cream entry that I just learned !

  2. Wow. I did not know that Dizz was Canadian, and I am a product of the 80s scene. We conversed before Rod. Forget exactly what platform it was on though. May have been last year’s AFA Dream Run video submission. Regardless, keep riding and progressing!

    • He’s not , haha ! I was just mentioning him / showing respect to him , regarding that ice cream entry I just now learned ! That’s his ,from like 1985 ! I’m OOOLLLLLLDDDD SCHOOL as well , Reggie . I remember you , talking with you now ! You’ve got some rad links and style ! Thank you for the love , bruv . You keep shredding , progressing ,also. Let me know on here when you drop some more of your sweet links . Your last name is Cyre , right ?

      • Okay gotcha on the Dizz thing now. I loved how he snapped into it. I love that snappy style, which explains why I enjoyed watching Chris Day so much too. My last name is Cyr. Stay awesome fellow rider and I will be waiting for Flatmatters to post your Dizz tribute.

        • Yeah , Dizz snapped into the ice cream stall FURIOUSLY and QUICK ! I just take my time doing a more tame , meh way of popping into it , haha…DIZZ RULED ! Found a contest run of his from 1986 , I think that blew my mind ! He’s pretty much responsible for just about anything getting the bike upside down , ice cream stance , etc ,etc….That’s right ! You had a rad A.F.A. Dream Run doing kind of like Randy-rang lines with brakeless jam-cades right ??! YOU RIP , man ! Your style has some Chis Day flavor to it and you ride that blue O.G. Marton frame right ? You ride in a beige hat in your videos , right ? You stay awesome too, Reggie and I look forward to you uploading even more of your own links ! They’re SLLLAMMMMED ! Dizz tribute , haha ….I can only do that one trick of his , hahaha….and like I stated earlier …’s a meh version compared to how he did it , haha….that ice cream entry is all I’ve got to show or show RESPECT to the LEGENDARY John DIZZ Hicks …..his riding style to me is just like all this new school stuff to me……WAAAAAAY too damn difficult to learn , haha ! Love me some DIZZ links ! Stay rad , Mr. Cyr !!

        • CHRIS DAY also freaking RULED ! Funny story……I called him out of the blue one day in Fall of 2006 . Got his number from Mark ” Rad Dad ” Dandridge . I literally talked to him for like over 2 hours ,asking him about his entire career in BMX , contest runs , his riding style , his A.F.L. contest league , etc ,etc……he was so damn cool ! Had no idea who I was and happily chatted with me all that time . I was gonna order some of his A.F.L. shirt , but I never got around to it ….I was just WAAAAAAY too stoked to be talking to a BMX idol whose magazine pictures are still on my wall to this day ! NO handed rope a roni !!!!

  3. Thank you , Brandon ! I appreciate the words , man. Just having some sessions ! Your narration on Stu’s new video was rad ….as well as all of your sections in his videos . Of course ECLIPSE was WAAAAY ahead of it’s time for brakeless MASTERY ! YOU did that and other SLLLAMMMED video sections ! Land Escape -B , Too Un-Real , and other videos…… and your personal edits on your Vimeo account STILL rule……..

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