2 thoughts on “Old School Sundays with Ian Clemens

  1. My god , dude ! That cross , kicking behind ,cross elephant position …..BACK THEN ?! Also the kicking behind elephant , pretzel- side yard/ hybrid move…..BACK THEN ?! Just when I thought I’d seen or knew a lot about Flatland ……I see THIS . ( I feel dumb now . ) I knew Ian was dope but I wasn’t aware of THESE moves ! Freaking cross G-string , backwards facing boomerang to infinity elephant stance roll…….WITH an over and out exit ! He was like YEARS ahead of the game . Please tell me he still rides…..even a little bit . It kills me seeing cats with skills like THIS ….that stop riding as I’ve always been about 20 years behind learning all my tricks , links , haha. ( I didn’t even learn Cobains , E-squeaks , side squeaks , or even pinky squeaks / rebates , etc till like late 1997 , early 1998 , haha……didn’t learn hitchhikers till November of 2000…..and they’re as shady and ZAMBONIED as ever , haha ! )

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