15 thoughts on “Giannis Caternellis: Freestyler #118

    • Cheers Valance for your comment….and these links are from 2018,i was kind of forget them!ha!What a year 2018 was….just great,progressive personaly.NO damn pandemics,wars…Thank you brother again for your love…

  1. Thank you very much Big E for posting and liking!..In a way i understand you,its hard for me to keep up with myself,i dont expect from you to can!!haha!You have enormous tasks everyday into your life and with the site…much RESPECT…and there is more to come like that messiah link you enjoyed….

  2. The BMX KING of Greece gets DOOOOWWN ……with an edit from 2018 that still SLLLLAMMMS today in 2022 . Loving every line in here. Crack packer turbine to front wheel undertaker . Tea kettle flap jack , over to single kick wheelchair to crack packer . Pedal steam , bar twitch to pedal tomahawk , switch to side yard/ packer . Double hitchhiker turbine to full bar exit….Giannis got AGGRO with these lines and I’m STOKED that he brought this edit back out for 2022 !

    • Gracias my brother once again for your love that some dudes dont like or understand but…..i fully do.All that needs flatland is progressive minds to keep the sport forward and YOU my amigo are the best ambassador to show that…..2 HOUR COMBOS….Who does THAT on this planet???Let me answer….NOBODY….except YOU King RODNEY….Not even in Japan can do that achivement….only RESPECT for a LEGEND like YOU campeon…..keep your endless combos coming brother…And if you liked 118 you will enjoy also 119 even better…will keep them coming together my brother!!!

      • You’re SO welcome , Giannis ! Cheers on your NEVER ENDING progression and FREESTYLE ATTACK of countless combos , tricks , variations . Damn , bruv …..those words you jus typed REALLY mean alot to me . I’m seriously honored that you recognize just what I’m trying to accomplish and push for my own personal progression with these long combos . Ever since seeing EFFRAIM CATLOW in 1997’s Parade Flatland video and JASON BROWN in 1998’s 5 Combos Flatland video……I was HOOKED and wanted to pursue , chase longer and longer combos . When Martti Kuoppa and Terry Adams called me one morning while they were @ the Chimera games . Terry put Martti on the phone ! I almost couldn’t speak , haha . Martti asked ” How long of a combo would stoke you ” I said ” Ummm , maaaaaybe like two hours ? ” After I told him that…..I relentlessly chased doing it for MONTHS until around September 2020 , I think ? So yeah , Martti also had a HUGE roll in that also. My combos aren’t new school or even favored , liked much by some cats ……BUT they feel rad to do as I literally feel like Jesus’s puppet being held up as I’m going through them , no joke . I’m NO saint , NOT even CLOSE to EVER being one….BUT I do chat with him just about once a day ..I also appreciate the ambassador comment and YOU are as great of an ambassador for BMX Flatland as ANYONE , Giannis ! YOU progress the sport , give RESPECT to it’s fore fathers , creators , the old , mid and new school shredders ……and you represent the sport @ it’s most CORE and PURE / RAW vibe and energy that inspires other riders to push their personal progression by seeing YOUR progression. You the rider’s rider if ya catch my drift ! CAN’T WAIT for FREESTYLER # 119 ! I KNOW just like always it’s gonna have that ” Dorkin ” stoke , vibe and REALNESS to it ! Salud !!

  3. 118s on FM now! That’s some good news on a Monday. What can 119 possibly hold!?!?? At some point this has got to be a world record. Time will tell. Stoked on and motivated by the Freestyler series as always. Got to go ride and stay tuned.

    • Wow Brent….thank you for the props and for your love brother,means a lot!Yeah 118s on FM,even myself was suprized cause i know Effraim has a busy schedule and the last 2 edits,116 and 117,didnt make it on FM but Big E will try to catch up with them as he mentioned….World record??ha!Who knows…but personaly for me is a record to have made it that far with all the craziness around…119 is ready and i wont tell you Brent is gonna be better…. i will you tell that is totally different!ha!Soooo stoked and motivated like you amigo,i am riding 4 hours on a daily and learning new concepts at the moment…keep riding my man and have fun!!

      • Ive been able to pull 30min to an hour a day lately for the last few years. I’ll always do what I can. Any time I can pull more time I do, but its been hard the last few years. Lovin every second of it brother! By the way, just so the haters can feel the love. I love you bro! AND Rodney brother, you know I love you too! Keep on ripping my extended flat family. Brothers from different dads n mothers!

        • Word on that Brent…Flatland brothers from another mothers!!Aha!Keep saying that a lot with Rodney!!Stay rad brothers…

        • Love you , also Brent AND Giannis !! So rad that you’re getting your sessions in on the daily and I’m hoping ya get even more time ! Eager to see even more of your new school turbine , rolling lines . We really are bros from different mos , haha ! BMX amigos just trying to push all of our own personal progression , encourage EVERY rider and show RESPECT to this website and the sport in general . Giannis and yourself are HUGE inspirations to me more than ya’ll know with yall’s riding AND vibes ! Cheers , bruvs !!

  4. I highly suggest everyone hit up Giannis’s You Tube channel because FREESTYLER # 119 is a KABANGER of an edit . I watched /commented @ the SAME TIME watching it because I was floored @ the level of lines in it ……did I mention that this edit is from freaking …..2019 ??!! The BMX KING of Greece got it SLLLLAMMMMED …..again . Just think what else he hasn’t even uploaded yet , haha….. Giannis , FREESTYLER # 119 was as rad as you said it was going to be ……felt like the first time I saw Dorkin 6 Hypnosis . I was tripping , dude ! In reality you’ve probably got OVER 130 edits considering all the 2019 edits that haven’t been shown . Reminds me of Clash of the Titans ! ” UNLEASH THE KRACKON ! ” Well done , Campeon !

    • Yo hombre!!sooooo floored that you had a blast with Freestyler #119 cabrone!!yeah 2019 was a really productive year for my riding before I destroy my knee from knee ride hitchhiker around Christmas the same year….so many stuff are sitting on my hard drive from back then,will try to upload those on the next episodes….at the moment I worked really hard on a lot of original tricks this year that I have them on camera and I am quite satisfied with the result.Maybe use them for celebration in Freestyler #120??How about that,Hermano???

      • Stoked to hear you’ve got a alot more FREESTYLER episodes in the files AND even more new signature tricks , hermano ! Hell bruv , if I had your kind of depth on a bike ……I too would literally have a camera on me ANYTIME I touched my bike , haha.. having that much skill / creativity ….I bet you don’t even know or can predict what’s gonna get SLLLLLAMMMMED DOWN during any session . Looking forward to these uploads , your progression and a celebration of FREESTYLER # 120 !! KEEP IT GOING , Giannis ! Speaking of keeping it going , haha…..there’s a new video of me doing another 2 hour combo called…….Long links with Rodney Williams . It’s on Youtube ! I’d be honored for you to check it as you’re one of my most iconic riders ever ! Had ALOT of assistance from JESUS to get this done again and worked hard for weeks for this. The combo is actually OVER 2 hours ……but my camera died , hahahaha….you can tell @ the end of the video that I kept the combo going ! I’ll tell you what though ……YOU have WAY more than 2 ,3 , 4 …….even 24 hours worth of a HUGE variety of original , difficult tricks , links in your guru ownership of Flatland BMX …..I’d be over the moon and VERY ammmmped to have THAT ! Cheers , BMX KING of Greece !!

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