5 thoughts on “Dan Hennig: Welcome to Flat Society

  1. Hell YEEESSSSS ! I was waiting for this edit ….as Sean was over the moon to add Dan to his Flat Society roster of killer riders ! ( Michael Alvarez ! ) Dan’s lines in this RULE . The Cabs, double foot ice cream turbines , Cab to steam , whoppers…….all nailed with that energetic HENNIG riding style . Thrilled for Dan…..as he’s very deserving of a sponsor like Flat Society and any sponsor for that matter . Hell bruv…….I’m still stoked on his edits from 2012 , repping Roos sports shoes , lacing up SICK pedal steam -flap jack turbine links…….with flow and ease….yeah , Dan !!

  2. Bike flips , Cab to steam , whoopers , double foot ice cream turbines ……and pure HENNIG -energetic style ! STOKED for Dan getting on Flat Society . Sean Porter was AMMMPED getting him on ,also ! Flat Society has a serious roster now . ( Michael Alvarez ! ) Salud , Dan ! You deserve a sponsor like Flat Society and every sponsor you get….I’m still stoked on Dan’s 2012 Roos sports shoe edits, nailing his pedal steam flap jack links ! Dope edit !

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