Varo Hernandez: Welcome to Flybikes

As I mentioned on the FM awards show, Breakthrough Rider of 2021 Varo Hernandez was working on a Welcome to Flybikes edit with Rafael Black and this doesn’t disappoint. Great riding with signature Varo smoothness, nice mix of locations, and quality filming and editing. Loving the last line at the 3:08, which takes unexpected twist. Great watch!

One thought on “Varo Hernandez: Welcome to Flybikes

  1. Varo has REALLY progressed his riding LOADS , via M.K. Format . I had a session with him @ the Flatland Voodoo Jam , 2015 . He’s rides with so much new school skill/ style that he was intrigued with my 1994 -1998 riding style , haha…..telling me of an old school that he knew in Spain back when he first started riding . I had a rad session with him and a good conversation late into the evening after just about every rider had left the courts. Before we both left I asked him to do his cross , pumping elephant spin into his frame jump / cyclone stance exit …..he was riding with a wrist brace , having injured it @ a F.I.S.E. contest run earlier that spring . I wanted to get it on video using my phone , flip phone , haha.. it only took him like 5 tries before he SLLLLAMMMED it DOWN ! He said he being careful not to hurt his wrist anymore . I was competing the next day ….HOWEVER ..I had not a chance in hell of making the finals , haha…..Varo DID though ! So that’s why it took him 5 tries . He was being VERY careful not to tweak his wrist bar flipping / leaping over the frame on that exit to the awesome line . Cool cat , Varo ! I’m STOKED he’s a top contender @ ANY contests these days , while innovating the sport himself…….with those MENTAL rear peg nose manual links and all his other magic on BOTH wheels . Fly bikes picked up a VERY skilled and driven rider…..VARO HERNANDEZ ! Salud , hermano ……..and THIS welcome edit is so , so dope . Love his original riding , TIMES 7 ……..

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