Giannis Caternellis – Freestyler #123

Imagine having 123 edits? Damn, who can say that? Gianni Caternellis keeps on delivering, here for his 123rd part, he rides one of that looks like scenic spots with surrounding Greek landscape. This feels like a behind the scenes look at Gianni’ sessions, love the concept of this. Gianni dedicated this part to Rodney Williams…

13 thoughts on “Giannis Caternellis – Freestyler #123

  1. Now………THIS is what I’ve been waiting for . Giannis ……THANK YOU , campeon. I’m stoked / honored for the dedication . I was so hoping this edit would be a ” casual ” riding session from you …..and that’s exactly what it is with you showcasing some of your vast tricktionary . I’m loving these lines like………..the steam roller -Dave duster- turbine line to front wheel undertaker. The Torso /cross bar stance -no footed ,peg grab steam . The steam ,butter slip to crack packer to front wheel undertaker . The pedaling Death truck drop down to fire hydrant to steam , lash out ,pick up to switch foot rocket to decade. The cross bar stance -one handed over -n-out , drop to steam , whip to elbow glide to boomerang , drop to fire hydrant save to side yard to front wheel undertaker to Cobain roll to boomerang /frame jump. The Forward rope to Kuoppa -taker , fire hydrant to switch hand steam , laid down , pop to rocket to decade. The Switch hand steam flap-jack turbine to quick front yard to fire hydrant to front wheel undertaker to left cross Cobain roll to flap-jack to pedal stance -K squeak . The cross tea kettle twitch to steam , quick flip to wheelchair ,one handed to crack packer , one handed step back to steam to half hiker to front wheel undertaker. Even got the bar ride in there. In my opinion like your # 116 edit …..this is a MUST WATCH . Show your versatility on your bike AND some originality . I LOVE that this edit is like # 116 . You just riding , FREESTYLING whatever lines , tricks comes to mind @ that exact moment……..FREESTYLER ,TIMES 7 . Thank you , BMX King of Greece . This made my day , got me STOKED to ride my bike. ( 1 hour combo , today for me. ) Not to mention I’m ALWAYS stoked to see you upload ANY riding of yours. You are in my Top 10 of most skilled BMX Flatlanders to ever touch a bicycle , Jefe ! 123 edits of every countless lines ,tricks ….with difficulty , originality , on both wheels , from every time era of BMX Flatland prove that . Cheers , Cabrone ! Thank you again for getting this done A.S.A.P. , it’s going on my Facebook page……now….

    • I told you cabrone,your wish is an order for me!!!Hehehe!!Gracias hermano for your love!Its a pleasure that you enjoy watching and get inspiration for your sessions…1 hour combo??Casually as I session for 5 minutes without touching the ground!!!Hahah!!You’re a monster my brother!!!Wish I could session with you one day and try to follow you on an hour combo amigo…..

      • Hell yeah ! I appreciate this edit , Giannis . Your tricktionay is infinite , blended with this FREESTYLE vibe of sessions……..makes it SLLLLLAAAAMMM ( meaning really level up. ) your riding even MORE. This edit got me stoked and I’d be honored to go through an hour combo in your presence. It would be REALLY motivating , TIMES 7. To session bikes with you would be a BMX dream come true and I know I’d be bugging out witnessing you FREESTYLE countless lines , styles , with original tricks , campeon . I’ll be looking forward to # 124 FREESTYLER with this kind of flavor of sessions , or ANY kind of flavor. As long as you pick up that bike……..I know it’s going to be a rad edit . Cheers , bruv !! It’s also SICK that pedaling death trucks seem to be a ” warm up ” trick for you , haha…….shows how high your riding level is and has always been………since 2004 , it’s been very high . Mad respect , Giannis .

        • Word my brother!!Someday will session together that’s for sure…it will be a dream session for me also campeon!!1 hour combos will be regular links for us hermano!!!hahah!!Pedaling deathtrucks also in da house amigo!@hehehe!!Next edit,Freestyler #124 only new tricks compadre,you have my word…!!

    • Wow man thanks!!!My usual sessions are about 2 hours so I hope someday upload a couple of hours edit full of freestyle links flawless,without any touch down….is that possible??

      • Hey Giannis, I thought that’s what you going for. What’s the details of that spot? Seems like people walking past regularly, what is it exactly used for? Other than your use of course.

        • Just filming that day to capture around 5 combos flawless…in my mind I calculated 5 minutes and yes it was…This summer I will try to film 1 hour nonstop without touches.Hope it work….as for the spot,it is 1 minute over my house,in the top of the largest mountain of Athens.The view behind the camera is breathtaking…it looks down to the sea and your sight can go far far away.Next edit I’m gonna grab the camera after the flawless session and point it to scenic view that I watch in order to share with you what my eyes enjoy…..

          • The spot is used as an outdoor theater and also summertime are doing traditional dances and ceremony stuff of the municipality!!Thanks for asking Big E and of course respect for sharing this edit here on Flatmatters…

    • Thanks Mr.Evans!!Its an honour for me that this series brings these emotions to the flatland community!!Keep riding and have fun!!

  2. The BMX king of Greece ……..gets it SLLLLAAAAMMMED , again with original FREESTYLE methods. Giannis , you’re a BMX Flatland Force that’s relentless to explore , progress and most of all……..F R E E S T Y L E on that damn bike , love it bruv…….knee stance- steam ,drop to knee stance -hiker , hop up to regular hiker . Dark side slide to knee stance-back packer , hand stop/scuff , hop up to regular , backwards back packer . Backwards AND forward X-leg Cepppie stand . Cross tea kettle ,step to X-leg side packer , pivot to hiker -body varial to X-leg back packer ,cross scuff , rolling one legged , jump to backwards hiker . One handed/ legged hiker , body varial landing to X-leg back packer , cross scuff to rolling one legged , body varial to backwards hiker. Hand scuff to double knee stance , back yard roll. Switching one legged hiker . One footed pedaling wheelie……..MUST WATCH for the creativity and execution of every single trick / line. Giannis , you never let me down with every single edit . Always very difficult , signature , and FREESTYLED methods of your riding that is out of the typical ” atmosphere ” of what is usually going on in BMX Flatland. Cats like you and even BMX street riders like Declan Murray , Vladislav Yuriev , and flatlanders Yurimitsu Miyata and Akira Okamura , even old school legend John Dizz Hicks …..all you cats really stoke me to ride my bike and just contribute to BMX FREESTYLE in general. This new #124 edit RULES , times 7 . Gracias , hermano . Tu es bicicleta Flatando loco por vida ! Never stop , Giannis ……..never stop !!

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