Gurvan Le Bloch: Road to World Cup

Gurvan Le Bloch is a name that was firmly on my radar about 8 years, then it seemed he vanished from the euro contest scene, and posting videos (certainly as much). Now, in 2024 Gurvan is back and is competing in the Fise World Cups this year, Japan this month and Montpellier, as well posting a lot on his socials.
Love the concept of this one, really nice thought behind this….

2 thoughts on “Gurvan Le Bloch: Road to World Cup

  1. Hell yeah , used to represent Quest bikes ! I see he’s still on his SEEEZZZZZ ( meaning still killing it , progressing his riding style on his bike ! ) Gurvan is a ripper , stoked on these lines of his …….the ” show time ” swivel ( thought I and Dave Nourie were the only cats still doing this move in 2024 , ha. ) pulled up to a double footed back yard roll was SICK ! N.B.D. His multiple boomerangs , Cobain spin , pivot to Puente spin , and the no handed pumping crack head ,step to half packer……all of this was rad. His riding shreds. He’s training hard . Best of riding to him and a shot @ victory ! Thanks , E . This was a nice surprise edit to see …….

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