Kio Hayakawa wins Day 1: Red Bull Bike n’Mic Contest in Luxembourg

Congratulations to Kio Hayakawa who just won Day 1 of the Red Bull Bike n’Mic contest in Luxembourg followed by Terry Adams and Chris Bohm on the podium. Good vibes from Luxembourg.

8 thoughts on “Kio Hayakawa wins Day 1: Red Bull Bike n’Mic Contest in Luxembourg

      • Dont worry folks,my comment is ironic but….that was actually the first think came to my mind when i saw that…it looks like everywhere Kio lately goes he wins and that talented dude is not invited to the x games….reminds me a little bit of Martti that wasnt invited to that big event….COB if i remember correct…

          • yeah you are quite right my brother,just checked again.It was the World Classic in Tokio,Japan where MK was disqualified…i guess for different reasons but…the result is the same now as i have explained few days ago…thank you r for your reminder,it was 12 years ago so excuse as i reach 40s!!haha!Sorry,whats your full name so i can call you on that??

  1. KIO ! That MONSTER combo from 2021 U.F.L.’s online contest STILL rings my bell . ( trips me out ! ) Very eager to see video of this whole thing . Uncut and raw video ! ( live stream ? ) Did Kio actually get an INVITE to Chiba because of this win Giannis , Mickey ?? I sure hope so……dude SHOULD be there like Garret Reynolds @ ANY street contest ….GLOBALLY . The stuff this dude has done in the past two years …..maaaaaan , he’s earned invites for the next 5 years , haha. ( IF Flatland STAYS in the X-Games the next 5 years . Sure hope it does . )

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