Terry Adams & Mickey Gaidos: Don’t Think – Feel | A BMX Mini Doc

The majority of times I post here on FM, the videos are about tricks. This mini doc hits different, where the focus is on friendship, spirit, two friends Terry Adams & Mickey Gaidos pushing each other and how that’s affected their lives. Great job on this one, Andrew Simmons!

3 thoughts on “Terry Adams & Mickey Gaidos: Don’t Think – Feel | A BMX Mini Doc

  1. SLLLLAMMMMMED ! I had phone conversations with both of these cats just as Terry ” reigned ” Mickey back into the game , getting him back on his bike …..and from that first three way conversation after their 18th session together . Them both excitedly explaining their lines pulled that session…..I KNEW it was basically the SECOND coming of the two man ” Voltron ” Flatland duo of Terry / Mickey , pushing each other and bringing out the absolute best in each other’s riding exactly the way they did in early 2006 . These two are as Batman and Robin as it gets in BMX Flatland today. Each and every single time I’ve conversed with them on the phone since that 18th session back in early 2015……their sessions have only , like they say in this video… get more and more and more ……..LETHAL with their level of lines pulled , learned . I’m stoked about this documentary and their friendship . Imagine the FULL South Rider’s COMPLETE Voltron with Eugene Collins , Troy Herbert , Scott Obrien , Chris Lilly , Zach Demboske , and that Mohawk back wheel hops dude ( can’t think of his name . ) and Eddie Schaw …….ALL of them having sessions together , even through Zoom …….THAT would RULE , TIMES 7…..I do know from Terry’s 2nd place in Switzerland , Mickey’s 1st place in Houston ……that their comradery is REALLY the “proof ” in the Flatland ” pudding ” ……..Salud , Terry Berry , Mickey G-spot , KEEP hanging and banging in the sport !

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