Johann Chan: A search for the ultimate 80’s freestyle bike

Let’s get the regular day to day day updates rolling again…
Johann Chan took it upon himself to build up and ride an old 86 Diamond Back Strike Zone. Hitting up the legendary Romford Skatepark, and a nice hang nothing into cliffhanger towards the end, enjoyed this one!

3 thoughts on “Johann Chan: A search for the ultimate 80’s freestyle bike

  1. I HAD THIS EXACT bike in the 6th grade ! Entered my second bicycle rodeo event @ elementary school and got disqualified for mostly doing tricks , haha.. back wheel hops , frame stands , rock walks . I LOVED that bike . So wild that for a vert frame …..THIS frame had PERFECT geometry for Flatland ! Damn , I LOVED that bike . It’s the bike I learned funky chickens , freak squeaks , front yards , Rand -rans , surfers …..stil stuff I do……TODAY , haha… THIS WINS the internet today ! Mike Dominguez is one of my all time ,( besides Jason Brown , r.i.p. , of course . ) BMX idols . It’s why I got this bike AND the following years model . Johann , you literally read my damn mind , haha…AND you SLLLLAMMMING DOWN hang fives , cliffhangers ( two dream tricks that I can’t and will probably NEVER do , haha. ) BOOSTING that hip doing PROPER can-cans , tables , the ” show time ” ….which is a trick I didn’t learn until 2001 , haha. and love that trick and do it pretty much EVERY session ..ALL of this edit is just SO rad to me . You’re riding all the disciplines of BMX . You’re riding a MIKE DOMINGUEZ STRIKE ZONE . You lace up a hang nothing to cliffhanger with some serious Chicago bars , BAR SMALL ! ( Added difficulty ! ) …..just this ENTIRE edit brought back fond memories , STOKES me to wanna sesssion , and shows / defines the BMX LIFER life style …….yeah ……THIS is a MUST WATCH for me personally . THANK YOU , Johann !

  2. Rodney. You’re a legend for having the capability to say so many things about this, and that’s mad you had this bike!
    Mike D was astonishing on a bike for sure.
    Crazy what he achieved in the limelight back then, like he was on Haro for like what 1 or 2 years?! Looking back at it he cemented his status on Haro for a lifetime in that short space of time, (not to mention what he did after).
    Yes the Strike Zone rides nice for an old bike, I kinda couldn’t stop riding it. It was always ‘one more session!’
    Thanks for the support and also thanks to E for posting!

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