What’s up everybody?
Today marks 13 years of Flatmattersonline, and whilst I was thinking what I could drop for this year the answer was staring me in the face.
I did plan to drop my latest riding edit to celebrate, but events in my personal life put a delay to that. I’m a couple of tricks short at the moment, I hope you will all see that in spring.
The answer as I previously eluded to, is the return of the FM exclusives! To document share and progress has been my motto since day 1.

Documenting your riding is a great way to personally progress and time to return to the core of what the site is all about.
I have been on sat on a few videos for a few months, hard to believe the last exclusive was six months ago. Where did that time go?
London style cat, Jason Forde came through with this great crackpacker/halfpacker line, and you can tell Jay has put a lot of time in his bike by the way he moves on the bike. And in a FM t-shirt, no less, thanks for the support Jay!!
I’m sorry to Jay, and everyone else that their clips have been lying here for months, back to it now!

It’s now time for a shameless plug, we have a Black Friday sale on right now till Monday 29th November. Tees and hoodies are now 20% off on our webstore. Thanks to everyone who has supported the site over the years, and more recently bought a tee or hoodie, this really is a labour of love and I appreciate anyone who takes the time to comment on the site.

Flatmattersonline / 13 years Strong!

Effraim Catlow

Link to webstore:


  1. Jay you’re a beast! That was smoooooooooooooooooooooooooth. Lookin forward to more of the honest product reviews as well. Those were dope. Have you exploded the carbon fiber rims yet?
    Happy 13th anniversary FM!!!

  2. Happy Bday and thanks for all the love and hard work you put into FM and all your support and passion you have for this beautiful sport Effraim! You rock so much and I am looking very forward to the next 13 years!
    Also congrats to Jay to this dope and smooth combo – love it!

  3. Happy B-day FLATMATTERS and personally congrats to you Effraim for all the hard work you have put in all these 13 years…THIS platform is my biggest motivation to share my riding with the world.TO DOCUMENT,SHARE AND PROGRESS…

  4. Happy 13 th , Big -E ! Stoked for this site and everything you’ve done with it . It really is the life line of online global BMX Flatland content . Every time era , riding style , all bases covered , TIME 7 . The return of the exclusives ! Hyped on THAT and personally think that every single rider who clicks on this site should contribute at least one AND buy a shirt or hoodie ! It would really show love / support to the FLATMATTERSONLINE.COM machine that fuels us all on and off our bikes !

  5. Ah yes , the Corey Bohan of Flatland ……..Jason Forde ! Really STEEEZZZZY line , flowed with ease , Jay . Always loved your riding since your London Bikes days . South Bank representer in the most CORE way ! The way you move , flow around in your lines , just rolling , pivots , turbines ……it’s smooth like a butter , bruv . You’ve also progressed with the times over the years ! Why Corey Bohan , that reference ? Corey is known for and has always had remarkable STYLE as much as he has tricks while riding . So in my opinion you two are very similar in the most STEEEZZZY riding style / way ! Cheers , Jay …….

  6. Happy to see the return of Exclusives! And Congrats on the 13th year anniversary, Effraim! That’s a huge achievement for the flatland community!!

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