Throwback Thursdays with Intrikat Blend

When you look back at all Chad Johnston has done for flatland and the riders that featured and made their names on his videos, the man deserves some kind of award. This morning I started watching Intrikat Blend again for the first time in a while and it immediately took me back to that era of riding, with amazing riding from Martti Kuoppa, Ross Smith, Phil Dolan, Andrew Arroyo, Jesse Puente, Matt Ward, Ed Nussbaum, and Chad himself. The whole video flows like a mixtape, I would urge you to watch the whole thing, inspiration. Thank you Chad for everything you have done for the flatland culture if you are reading this.

Vibe5 2002

Another day, another great video from the archives. Jeff Desroche’s Vibe 5 video from 2002, featuring great contest footage from the Toronto contest, and Florida CFB. So much good riding from the likes of Viki Gomez, Aaron Frost, Jeff Desroche, Dane Beardsley, Terry Adams, Ed Nussbaum, Phil Dolan, Cory Stratychuk and many more. It’s well worth sitting down and enjoying this one! Thanks Claybom for the upload.

Series Finale BMX Flatland Diversion Video Mag. Issue 70 (Part 8)

Bobby breaks down the series finale:

“After about 5 years of traveling around the world, exploring the global flatland community, we have come to the finale of the DVD series. Riders all over the world are making their dreams reality on their bikes and in the rest of their lives. Where we go from here is up to you. THE FUTURE STARTS NOW!”

URBAN Sequel BMX Flatland Bizhouse

Another great throwback today! Shawn White from Bizhouse sent in this So old VHS video he converted to digital. “Urban Sequel”, features Shawn White, Ed Nussbaum, Sean Peters, Val Nasso, and a few others! FlatLand/B-Boy styles! Never heard of this before, give it a watch when you have a moment.

Diversion Video Magazine 4.0 – Part 1- Blender Intro and Liquid Frame Tour

Yo yo, check out this weeks Diversion Retrospective….Bobby kicks it off again with Diversion Video Magazine 4.0. Part 1 features the Blender Scene intro with Terry Adams and then the “Free Shipping Worldwide Tour” with Shawn White (Bizhouse), Ed Nussbaum (Sick Child), and Bobby Carter (Diversion).

“Liquid Frame was fun while it lasted, we were trying to get our products to riders overseas that had little to no distribution without the high shipping charges. It worked for a little bit, but then internal problems forced us to close it down. We’re still worldwide though!”

Diversion Video Mag – Motivation is The Key Issue 1.0 (Part 7)

To become good at flatland you have to stay motivated. Every rider has his or her way of staying motivated. In this segment, discover how various riders keep going, pressing into the future with new tricks. Riders include: Stephen Cerra, Gabe Kadmiri, Josh Evans, Ed Nussbaum, Bob Weatherbee, Hollywood Steve Scheuerer, Dave McDaniel, Jon Dowker, Brian Rybak, and Bobby Carter.

Ed Nussbaum/Diversion TV – Paper Television

This is an early profile of Ed Nussbaum before he started Sick Child Bikes. He was living in Long Beach, riding hardcore everyday and traveled around the country in his Honda to all the comps he could. Despite what he says in the video, ironically enough, the same year we filmed this, he qualified for the x-games on top of coming up with countless innovative switches. In particular the line at 3:22 is butter!