AFA Flatland Contest Olds Cool – Huntington Beach

I was stoked when the news broke, Mr Bizhouse Shawn White won the Olds Cool class at the Round 1 stop of the 2019 AFA flatland series in Huntington Beach, California. Peep this nice short edit Juca Favela put together featuring the top 2 in the Olds Cool class, Shawn White and Gabriel Jimenez.

1st Shawn White and 2nd Gabriel Jimenez “Gabo Underjam Bike Shop ” from Mexico

Profile Racing Zcoaster – Terry Adams #TAZcoaster Challenge Winner! Unboxing

Bizhouse’s Shawn White out in San Diego, California is a flatland lifer and big character. Designing original bike parts under the Bizhouse label for years, he just hit me up excited that he has just won the Terry Adams Profile TAZcoaster challenge on instagram. Shawn drops some knowledge on this one, when you have some spare time you might enjoy this one too!

URBAN Sequel BMX Flatland Bizhouse

Another great throwback today! Shawn White from Bizhouse sent in this So old VHS video he converted to digital. “Urban Sequel”, features Shawn White, Ed Nussbaum, Sean Peters, Val Nasso, and a few others! FlatLand/B-Boy styles! Never heard of this before, give it a watch when you have a moment.

Diversion Video Magazine 4.0 – Part 1- Blender Intro and Liquid Frame Tour

Yo yo, check out this weeks Diversion Retrospective….Bobby kicks it off again with Diversion Video Magazine 4.0. Part 1 features the Blender Scene intro with Terry Adams and then the “Free Shipping Worldwide Tour” with Shawn White (Bizhouse), Ed Nussbaum (Sick Child), and Bobby Carter (Diversion).

“Liquid Frame was fun while it lasted, we were trying to get our products to riders overseas that had little to no distribution without the high shipping charges. It worked for a little bit, but then internal problems forced us to close it down. We’re still worldwide though!”

Shawn White – #FANO Part 2

The man behind Bizhouse is back with another one, and another rant!

“PSA Lets go for Part 2.
Celebrities get Paid to be in Pages of Magazines.
has any BMXer got Paid by a form of Paper Press? not by awesome sponsors!, but by the Press who is using Rider images to fill Space? if you have #FANO is not for you!
2013 is instant press, no paper, no pages. use your iphone
the internet is Free! use it! Post it! Fight Back Underground!
come back to riding. we want to see it! the days of you on the cutting room floor is gone!”

Shawn White – #FANO

Sunset plasticman by Bizhouse’s Shawn White. The description for this video made me laugh, enjoy Shawn ranting…

“#FANO Media Got ya down? want people to see your Moves and who you believe in? use #FANO no Chief Editor saying “he won the contest, no air time for him” then you end on the cutting room Floor and your dreams crushed! no Worries #Fano will save you all! Post up here! no one to say no. no one to say you don’t have a big sponsor! or a photographer who does not ride at all saying “no I don’t like this rider… so no press for him… Fight back underdogs!
Fight Back with no money needed, no kissing butt! no empty promises. just Ride and Promote you and your crew!”