URBAN Sequel BMX Flatland Bizhouse

Another great throwback today! Shawn White from Bizhouse sent in this So old VHS video he converted to digital. “Urban Sequel”, features Shawn White, Ed Nussbaum, Sean Peters, Val Nasso, and a few others! FlatLand/B-Boy styles! Never heard of this before, give it a watch when you have a moment.

Sneak Peak – Bizhouse “Ratchet” prototype!

Sean White at Bizhouse is always thinking of radical new ideas for products, check this out!
Been talking to Kurt at BMX Union about this one. Heres his theory on it..

“They’re working on either a sprocket or some sort of bottom bracket that works like a ratchet wrench would work. When you pedal forward it engages and allows you to pedal, but when you are not putting forward pedal pressure on it, it allows you to freely roll backwards without pedaling. Similar to how if you are tightening a nut, you wrench and then pull it back to reset and tighten more.
Essentially this allows you to run a freecoaster without having to replace your rear hub.” Potential huge game changer!

I’m going to try and get a few answers out of Sean at Bizhouse about this one, so hopefully we can get some answers here soon.