Sean Fontenot – Snapshot Daily Riding Nose Manual Progress 4K

Sean Fontenot’s riding always has me on the edge of my seat, check this latest short edit where he states “I’ve always been good at G-turns, but bad with nose manuals. I’ve decided to correct that.” Shot with Konova K7 Slider (aside from last shot) Sean’s riding is so explosive, amazing stuff at the Globe spot in Long Beach, California!

Terry Adams & Scott O’Brien – Seek & Ride/New Orleans, LA

Terry & Scott seek and ride… New Orleans, LA from Ace Cox on Vimeo.

The production and filming shots are amazing in this new edit with Terry Adams & Scott O’Brien, before you hit play, here’s what Terry had to say:

“Here is a new quality edit that was filmed in New Orleans, Louisiana. Scott O’Brien and I wanted to show the aspect of BMX that represented going out and finding new and unique locations to ride at. BMX is about freedom. Freedom to not only ride your bike the way you want but the freedom to find crazy locations and bring BMX to light in those areas. In this edit we session an abandon building that was being used for absolutely nothing. We went in and used the location as our canvas to show that flatland can be done anywhere. Anywhere you can find a flat piece of concrete, is stomping grounds for a great session!”

URBAN Sequel BMX Flatland Bizhouse

Another great throwback today! Shawn White from Bizhouse sent in this So old VHS video he converted to digital. “Urban Sequel”, features Shawn White, Ed Nussbaum, Sean Peters, Val Nasso, and a few others! FlatLand/B-Boy styles! Never heard of this before, give it a watch when you have a moment.

Throwback Thursdays – Effraim Catlow Studio City Jam 2010

Throwback clip of me from December 2010, sessioning Studio City, California for two weeks was awesome with Bobby Carter, Bo Wade, Sean Fontenot, John Yull, amongst others. This is a timely reminder for me to start riding back wheel again.. Thanks to Benjamin Querubin for sending this in.