Moto Sasaki vs Jean William Prevost: Red Bull Circle of Balance 2022

The UCI World Champion, Moto Sasaki from Japan goes head to head with Canadian beast, Jean William Prevost in this amazing quarter final battle at the Red Bull Circle of Balance in New Orleans. Hit play to watch this one unfold….

Throwback Thursdays – Flat Web TV Circle Of Balance Post Game Show

This week I’ve been randomly checking through old Flat Web Tv episodes, when I got to the 2012 Red Bull Circle of Balance Post Game Show I knew my TBT was dialled for this week! The FlatWebTV crew recap the event and get some inside perspective from guys who were actually there like: (myself) Effraim Catlow, Scott O’Brien, Moto Sasaki, Dez Maarsen, Jean-William Prevost, Michael Steingraber, Kerry Gatt and the eventual champion, Viki Gomez.

Lookback: October – The 2016 Flatmattersonline Year End Awards

We start the month of October with an amazing edit!!!
It feels like I have given out the Must Watch tag a lot recently, it’s already been quite a week for progressive edits and today Joe Cicman’s new Curriculum Vitae 2016 certainly lives up to the hype he’s thrown at it! Curriculum Vitae 2016 documents Joe’s progressive journey as he has pushed his riding month to month working on new ideas for the Master of Creativity confine contest.
The edit really builds from June, and the format quickly going month to month really makes this easy on the eye! Joe has really pushed the Jaffa Whip concept to new levels and the banger what Joe is calling the “Terradoom” at 2:17: a no handed crackpacker no handed jump to no handed backyard is absolutely bonkers and ballsy to say the least! I will stick my neck out and say that is one of the moves of the year so far! This left me wanting more, as all great edits do. Thank you Joe you just pushed flatland up a few notches!

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Saying Goodbye to Voodoo Jam

Photo: Fat Tony.

Scott O’Brien just hit me up with some sad contest news, for now read below the official press release. I will be catching with Scott later in the week, for an interview about his decision to no longer run the Voodoo Jam!

“To my friends I want to say Voodoo Jam is over. It’s difficult for me but it’s true.

Thank you all for coming to Voodoo Jam throughout the years and thanks to everyone that has ever helped with Voodoo Jam.

Especially thanks to Terry for everything with sponsorships and the push these past few years. It was impossible without his efforts in securing sponsors and getting things in order.

I started this contest in 2004 with the help of Red Bull and people that believed in my vision for Flatland. It evolved into a grass roots event that was the results of some hard work and dedication to the passion for riding Flatland BMX.

The mission was simple. Show the world what Flatland BMX can be and have an amazing experience with the best riders from around the world pushing what we love about Flatland.
Mission accomplished!

Time to move forward with new BMX projects and other aspects of life.

Voodoo Jam changed my life and I hope it influenced you in a positive way.

See you out there on the BMX!”

Much Love

Repo: Voodoo Jam 2015

Text: Todd Carter.
Photos: Erik Otto & Todd Carter.

The 11th VoodooJam rolled through New Orleans, Louisiana USA, the last weekend in July.
Riders from eleven different countries braved the 108° (F) heat index to make this event one of the best ones yet!
The classic pre-jam went down at Annunciation Center Park, in New Orleans on Friday. This location was about a mile from the host hotel, so a ton of riders took advantage of it! I remember counting close to 100 people directly involved in the flatland scene, hanging out and riding.

Ucchie made his first entry to the World Circuit this year at Voodoo Jam. Signature double foot pedal ice cream.

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Voodoo Jam 2015 Pre-jam Rider Compilation

Gino Palencia just dropped a nice Voodoo pre-jam rider compilation featuring Naoto Tamara, William Perez, Bobby Burge, Nikola Olic, Yu Shoji, Will Redd, Todd Carter, Cesar Calderon, John Yull, Dez Maarsen, Yohei Uchino, and Scott O’Brien. Check it out!

10 Years of Voodoo Jam by Scott O’Brien!

Photography: Fat Tony.

With 10 years of the Voodoo Jam going down this weekend in New Orleans, Scott just wrote this article about what it means to him, the friendships he has made, & a whole lot more. If you can’t make it to the Voodoo Jam, you can celebrate with them by watching the lifestream. Read on!

In 2004 I had an idea about having a contest in a club with spectators being close to the riders so everyone could feel the energy and create a special experience. The idea was to highlight my love for riding with my friends and show the world that Flatland can be highly entertaining. I wanted people to feel the love that Flatland BMX has for life. Flatland is about friendships, hard work, artistic values, athletic abilities, mental strength and most of all its amazing life experiences. Red Bull believed in the passion I had so they stood behind me to create The Voodoo Jam.!

There was a problem with the 2004 Voodoo Jam, we could not find an MC for the event and I could not trust just anyone with my vision. We had some names, but I was so afraid that my vision would not be brought to life the way I wanted it to be. So I ended up just taking control of this part of the contest even though I was the organizer. I never MC’ed for an event before in my life. I had no idea my passion for riding could just come out like that and I am so honored for the life experiences since that day.!

So, here I am 10 years later reflecting on these past Voodoo Jams. I think about the impact it has had on Flatland and many riders in this world fueling my sport in so many ways. My friendships have grown strong because of Voodoo Jam. Most of all, Terry Adams and I have something together with Voodoo Jam that you can’t put a price on in life. The impact that Voodoo Jam has had on my life is hard to put into words, but since that day,in 2004, I would not have these friends, I would not have these experiences and most of all, I would not have this amazing outlook on life. Voodoo Jam has given my family a global view of life and for that I am forever grateful. !
Life can be what you want it to be, go out there and get it. Flatland BMX is one of the most amazing things on earth and if you truly believe in that, you will get so much back from it. Get out there and experience it!!!

Thanks to all the riders, sponsors, friends and family that have made Voodoo Jam possible.!
Much Love, !

Scott O’Brien!

Series Finale BMX Flatland Diversion Video Mag. Issue 70 (Part 8)

Bobby breaks down the series finale:

“After about 5 years of traveling around the world, exploring the global flatland community, we have come to the finale of the DVD series. Riders all over the world are making their dreams reality on their bikes and in the rest of their lives. Where we go from here is up to you. THE FUTURE STARTS NOW!”