Saying Goodbye to Voodoo Jam

Photo: Fat Tony.

Scott O’Brien just hit me up with some sad contest news, for now read below the official press release. I will be catching with Scott later in the week, for an interview about his decision to no longer run the Voodoo Jam!

“To my friends I want to say Voodoo Jam is over. It’s difficult for me but it’s true.

Thank you all for coming to Voodoo Jam throughout the years and thanks to everyone that has ever helped with Voodoo Jam.

Especially thanks to Terry for everything with sponsorships and the push these past few years. It was impossible without his efforts in securing sponsors and getting things in order.

I started this contest in 2004 with the help of Red Bull and people that believed in my vision for Flatland. It evolved into a grass roots event that was the results of some hard work and dedication to the passion for riding Flatland BMX.

The mission was simple. Show the world what Flatland BMX can be and have an amazing experience with the best riders from around the world pushing what we love about Flatland.
Mission accomplished!

Time to move forward with new BMX projects and other aspects of life.

Voodoo Jam changed my life and I hope it influenced you in a positive way.

See you out there on the BMX!”

Much Love

9 thoughts on “Saying Goodbye to Voodoo Jam

  1. Mad respect to Scott and his crew for making Voodoo Jam so legendary over the years! Very bummed I never got a chance to compete in or attend one as life stuff always seemed to get in the way, but all the riding and footage from each event would get me pumped and happy for all the riders around the world that experienced it. And those pre-contest jams! So much sick stuff would go down… gonna miss all that.

  2. End of an era!

    This event left such a positive impact on me, and I’m sure many others. Flatland was undoubtedly improved because of the efforts of Scott and Terry’s love child that they called Voodoo Jam.

  3. Really sad to read this, but then again I’m stoked I was able to make it the last edition! Thanks Scott and Terry for organizing such an amazing contest and making flatland look really good! Voodoo Jam will be a great memory and a amazing contribution to the sport

  4. I am so happy I was able experience Voodoo Jam. I may have missed out on the AFA days but I can proudly say I rode at Voodoo Flatland Jam. Thank you Scott and Terry for your friendship over the years. I will see you again on some flat ground anywhere USA.

  5. Even though I never made it, it is truly sad to see any event that contributed to the flatland scene come to its end.

    Scott’s contributions to the flatland scene can never be underplayed.

    Thanks Scott, I hope you have something up your sleeve for the future.

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